How to pull off the all-natural look

by - Friday, September 04, 2015

Ugo, it is only days to my birthday and I am blatant broke.

Hey guys, how are you doing? It's Friday, yaaaaaay. Another weekend, uhn? So, what's the plan? Any owambe tomorrow? Please, please, puh-leeeeeze, invite me. I have done this before when I was desperate. I remember that it was a Saturday morning at the beginning of the year and nobody, as in, not a soul invited me to any owambe.

The following Sundaaaaaaay, you people were now telling me about how one owambe was hot, how you forgot to invite me to the closest place, how ... It takes the grace of God to forgive and he gave me that grace because if not I would have gotten back at each and every one of you. Anyway, I am gentle again, don't forget to invite me. Gracias.

This article was inspired unknowingly by Agbani Darego. I started following her on Instagram a few weeks ago and I must confess that I am shocked that she rarely has drama going on on her face. I mean, this beauty queen has been able to come to terms with her natural beauty. Isn't that a relief? Finally, not every girl is a rainbow.

I took off to the internet to go search for 'how to pull off an all natural look' and the search results were baffling. I tell you. All I could find was 'how to apply the natural look make-up' etc. Does this mean that we are no more comfortable with our natural features anymore?

From me to you, my four tips to pulling off a natural look (emphasis: no make-up) without a feeling of guilt.

Have your eye brows well trimmed

This cannot be over-emphasized.Your eye brows define your face. For girls like me who are hairy, shape it every week. Be careful to check out eye brow shapes on the internet. The face of your shape is very important when choosing a base pattern. There are a lot of resources on the internet now. Check out and other fashion and style blogs. It is important that you get someone to do it for you if you are not good at it. Remember that no eye-pencil is concealing any mishaps.

Massage your lips the night before

The lips have a natural tendency to dry up easily. Matte lipsticks are aggressive on your lips. Saliva, dirt, hot liquids and a host of other things we do to our lips affect them. Lip scrubs help to peel off dead skin sitting on your lips. Use it and a lip balm for extra covering before going to bed. Vaseline is also a very good substitute for lip balm. You should wake up the following morning with soft and supple lips. You can also apply a little bit of lip balm after bath so as to protect your lips.

Use a facial scrub

Yes, your face. Remember that you are not going to be concealing. Scrubbing your face the night before is also very helpful. Let your facial skin breathe. I recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It has been working well for me. You can optionally go for an even tone moisturizer or foaming cleanser. I use Palmer's Skin Success foaming cleanser. Like I mentioned earlier, this one is optional. Scrubbing is more important.

Make sure your hair is neat

Lastly, your hair. Your hair is very important. If it isn't in good shape, you look unkempt. If it's rough, apply a gel. A wide range of gel products are now available in stores. If you are going to fold, pack or tie, make it neat. Just like your eyebrows define your face, your hair does also.

So, there you go: a defined and well shaped eye brow, succulent lips, clean face and neat hair.

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