How to turn visitors into regular blog readers

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hiya people. You see, today is Tuesday already. Ahahahahahahahahaaaaa.....O boy! We promised that we'd have a swell time, so no grumbling. I spent all day yesterday on Facebook and prenylated flavonoids. Oh, that? It's my project. I am working on prenylated flavonoids. They have pharmacological properties and we find them in many natural products. I ain't isolating them this time, I am chemically synthesizing them. Okay, enough of those; I need you sane enough to read through this post. Lol.

Even though this post is for bloggers, you may want to read if you are not a blogger. At least, you'd have an idea of the jazz I have been using on you. #winking. I have got to use my magical gift to make you stay. Who would read me if not you? Okay, people, below are tips to help you gain loyal blog readers:

Inform your readers

Tell them what they don't know. If you are a food blogger, tell them everything. Do not withdraw from them an ingredient. Let them be inspired enough to come back. Be their local Google. They would come back if your travel blog is the first thing they think of if they want to look up Manhattan. Of course, you may not have any Manhattan post but they just want to check. You thoroughly informed them about traveling to South Africa and they want to take chances.

Do not rant or ramble everyday

Unless the life you live is outrageous and interesting or creepy and weird, don't do 'me me me'. Only Kim Kardashian is allowed to rant and talk about how bad her night went. Her fans would still read. If you are not a celebrity or public figure; your life isn't probably as interesting as readers want. If you must rant, let it be about an interesting trip or a pitiable story. If you are into personal blogging or you run a private blog to keep up with your family and/or friends, by all means, be free. Otherwise go easy on the ranting.

Keep them busy

There are so many ways to reduce bounce rates. Let them follow a link for the first time, land on your blog and spend one whole hour browsing through your blog. You don't think that's possible? Try these:

Install the archive widget. They get to read your former posts.

Link them to other valuable sites on your post. Don't have more than two links on a post. It'll water down your content and distract them.

Link them to other posts on your blog. Select keywords that you have written on and link them to the posts.

Have post labels and/or static pages. Categorizing your blog entries will help them navigate faster and spend time on their area of interest. Lifestyle bloggers need this the most.

Suggest other posts to them. 'You may also want to read:' widget. I have been so lazy. Whenever I get the chance to get on a system, I will be installing that.

Connect with your readers

Let them see you. Listen to them. Respond to comments, answer questions. Let your personality shine through your posts. Do not throw things at them. Respond to e-mails. Chat with them in the comment section. It is a blog, remember? Make it interactive. Form an online family. Who says you cannot mutually help each other? Your blog is a waste if people don't feel comfortable and welcome.

So, there you go. Go gain loyal, dedicated and regular blog readers.

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