Building a Successful Home Office

by - Friday, January 29, 2016

There are many reasons why people may have to work from home. 

Two of these reasons are:

Becoming self employed.
You may have decided to leave the  9-5 setting.  It is a very brave decision. Yes,  some courage is needed to quit a full time job and become the boss of yourself.

Moving your office to your apartment
Some people are so valuable that they have become "indispensable" at their place of work.  Due to some reasons,  they may have to work from home if working from a place outside home seems impossible.  Health,  maternity leave,  work leave etc. are reasons.

In reality,  some people work only part time from home.  Bloggers like me,  for example blog part time.  While some other bloggers have taken the plunge to work from home full time,  people like us who are still engaged (studying,  in my case)  have to work from home only a few hours in the day.

It is actually fun to work from your home. Many people covet this because there is no such relief as having time at your disposal  and choosing how exactly you want to manage it and what you want to spend it on.

I have also seen some home offices customized so beautifully that  I long that instant to have my work  space where I live.  But just like many fancy things,  working from home can be daunting.  You may not think about the disadvantages until you walk right into it.

-There is a very good chance that you might work yourself very hard and be burned out.  Of course,  you have access to your files and work materials just across the room.

- There is also the possibility of not discharging your duties as effectively and timely as you would if you were stuck with your office chair outside the home.

-What about friends and family?  It is very common to hear complaints about them not understanding why you won't spend the whole day with them since you have the opportunity to do.

Here,  you see how difficult it is to be successful working at home?

Are you thinking of working from home or you are already?  Do not worry,  here are some tips to increase your productivity and make you successful. .

-Plan your day like you are actually going to the office.

-Help your family understand when you are at work.  Do this verbally.

-Customize your home office like you would an office away from home.

- Give yourself a break when you need it.  For passion driven jobs,  it takes discipline to get away from what you love.

-Have a to-do list so that you have an idea of how to start working. It is easy to beat about the bush without getting stuff done.

- Set a target. Be careful not to put on yourself too much pressure.

- Allow no visitors in during working hours. Be serious about this.

- Do not have a distracting gadget e.g TV in your home office.

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