What to do After The Big Chop

by - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

the big chop

Now that you have done the big chop, you are asking- what do I do next? Where do I go from here? I asked these questions when I ‘shaved’, so many other women now with voluminous natural hair asked when they did theirs, so you are not alone. Plus, you are asking the right questions. There are a lot of tips on the internet to help you care for your Teenie Weenie Afro, so relax.

Embrace your style

This is first of all the next big thing to do after the big chop. So, before we start talking about grooming, growth and styling, let me ask you to own your style and be confident in it. There are going to be a lot of opinions about your hair cut. If you therefore are not girded and confident enough; biased, shallow-minded folks will ruin your esteem. 


You are going to be learning how to be comfortable in your new look; establishing a new hair routine and checking out what’s best and looks good on you. So do not be afraid to experiment, make mistakes and grow your hair. At this early stage, I advise that you choose natural products over commercial products. Of course, you should once in a while experiment with commercial products until you get it right. Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter are excellent products to try on your hair.

Establish a routine

Soon, your hair roots and scalp begin to get comfortable in your new lifestyle. Establishing a routine after a lot of experimenting and researching will help to quickly make your hair grow and be nourished. Washing, moisturizing and usage of styling products are routines you need to get accustomed to. You will need to decide how frequently you want to wash your hair, in what order you want to apply these products on your hair, etc.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Moisturizing is very important. Like many other women, my natural hair dries very quickly. Just like l did, I will advise that you get a good moisturizer. I also have my wash bottle with me most of the time. I got that after I did my big chop and contains a mixture of water, coconut oil and a protein based liquid leave-in conditioner. I spray on my hair whenever it becomes dry and cranky.

Protect your hair

When you are going to bed, wrap your hair with a scarf, of satin material preferably. This helps to retain moisture. If you do not like to tie scarves to bed, get a satin pillow case. This helps to prevent hair breakage. To protect your hair, you should also think of making braids when they are grown enough and fix weave-ons.


Women do the big chop for various reasons and this affects how we style our hair. If you cut your hair because you are totally done with hair and hair care as a whole, it may make you reluctant to style your hair. If you are however deliberately transitioning into the natural hair, styling comes naturally as you journey on. There are so many styling products available in the market today. A simple styling gel can do as much as curl up your hair beautifully and hold it in place.

Did you do the big chop, share your experience. What did you do after the big chop? How do you maintain and style your natural hair?

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