Books to Read + Happy Friday

Friday, March 11, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Happy Friday

Time really flies.  I remember how I felt last Friday.  It looked like this one would take forever to come but aren't I happy it's come?  Happy am I babes.

I really have so many books on my pending list and yes,  movies too. Many many movies I would love to watch and do a review of but I lack time.  Is it improper time management?  Maybe.


I am already on page 368 of Contagion by Robin Cook. I am finishing up this weekend. It's a must so that I can move on to other books on my list.  This novel is a thriller,  the suspense is so blood tickling,  I tell you.  Even medical doctors write intelligent novels.


Rescue Ladies is by my friend,  Mabel. I bought it early this year and I have been postponing reading since only God knows when.  I started but so many things got me very divided.  I at the time wanted so desperately to write a review,  an honest one. I am adding it to my weekend reading list.

Have an awesome Friday. Don't  we all deserve a happy Friday?