Romantic Love Messages For Him

by - Monday, August 01, 2016

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Romantic relationships are beautiful. To keep the spice hot it's important to show him that you love him with some mind blowing text messages. These romantic text messages are just perfect for you. You can pick any.

The sky is blue, the air is pure, the weather is cold. My love for you remains true as it was in the beginning.

Seasons and times change, events happen and the tide turns but my heart will forever remain yours even through thick and thin.

People told me I foolishly fell in love with you. I thanked them and moved on only to realize that foolishness in love is the best feeling I can ever have. Let me remain a fool.

I just don’t want to be in your arms for the sake of it. I want being in your arms the world you see and the air you breathe.

My love for you is unquestionable. My decision to be yours remains unwavering. I love you now and again.

“I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I am going love you tomorrow.” Remember to read this every breaking of the day.

The assurance of my love for you is to tell you that you mean more than I can express in one instance. I love you.

Loving you is never a mistake and it will never be.

When people ask me how I fell for you, I always tell them I do not know. The truth is – I really don’t know. Its unexplainable.

I opened up my heart to you simply because I believed I wont be making a mistake with you. You have proved my decision right time and time again. I love you.

Like the breeze that blow by the seashore, your love has blown my heart and now I feel safe with you. Nothing can separate us baby.

There is nothing I want more than to be in your arms this moment. I want to feel your heart against mine. I want you to take me far away beyond this world.

Keep me locked in your heart, alone with you the same way you are in mine. Let us see the beauty of our inside together.

At night like this, I stretch my hand to reach you. I know that even though you are far away, our hearts are forever in sync with each other. Stretch your hand and hold mine baby.

I open my window and I look into the street searching for you. One wish that I have is that I hear a knock on my door with you on the other side.

Baby, I am standing at the spot where I first saw you and pictures of you flash across the street. I cant seem to forget how it all happened. We happened baby, we happened.

I promise to hold your hand  through the storms and rain. Never let you go even when you want to all because I love you.

The only reason why my world remains beautiful is because you are in it. I’m sure yours is beautiful as well because I am there.

After I had searched and couldn’t find anyone, I gave up. But the very day I gave up was the day I found you. I’m happy I waited that long before giving up.

I thought I was going to wait forever for love until I found you. I’m never going to let you go baby. We are stuck together, forever.

As each second ticks, I begin to count down the moment I will see you again. I cant wait to hold you in my arms again.

Slow music, faint lighting, a bottle of wine with two glasses. The two of us together lost in the euphoria of our love. Lets do magic baby.

If you ever leave me, it would be you never loved me. I have placed my heart in your hands baby, it is fragile. Don’t ever let it fall.

I feel shattered into pieces when you hurt me. I feel on top of the world when you love me. If I am to choose, I prefer the latter. I love you.

I want us to see the world together, capture moments together, eat together and drink together. I want to go places with you my love.

One of the most amazing feelings is having you in my arms all through the night. I don’t ever want to let you go. Never!

When our lips lock together in bliss, I don’t ever want them to separate. You do to me things I cannot find the right words to explain. I love you.

At the end of this journey, I want to look into your eyes and say to you that this journey has no end. It is forever.

Let us runaway into a far world of bliss – our world. A place no one can find us. Let us enjoy ourselves till we lose strength to continue.

My love for you is renewed each day like the eagle’s strength high up in the sky. I see strength to carry on when I see you.

At my lowest ebb, you have pulled me up. I find it easy to yield to you than any one else. Don’t ever let me go baby.

I want to remain lost, lost in your arms, lost in our world. A world we would both create. Our own perfect world.

When your hands run over my body, I feel a different type of sensation. A sensation mighty enough to erupt a volcano from the high mountains of Himalaya. Love you baby.

They say love is blind. Ours isn’t. The eyes with which see the world is different from that of others. They see things ordinary people cannot see.

I want to appreciate you for loving me more than I deserve. Most times I ask myself why I deserve you but then I realize I don’t deserve you. Maybe, you deserve me more.

As high as the mountain top is, as strong as the hardest rock is, as deep as the ocean depth is, my love for you is immeasurable. I love you.

When I listen to your voice over the phone, I just want you continue speaking nonstop. I can never be tired of hearing you. I love your voice, and I love you.

They usually say dreams come true. I didn’t believe till you came into my life. You are everything I ever dream of my love.

I want to write our story but I get stuck at the first line. It is at this moment that I realize I cant write it alone except with you.

Beautiful things happen to beautiful people. That I why I happened to you because just like I am beautiful, you are beautiful as well.

They say beauty get the attention, personality gets the heart. Both your beauty and personality have encapsulated me beyond worlds I cant fathom. My love for you will forever remain.

Almost all of the good things that have happened to me has been tied to you. I am happy you came into my life baby. Don’t ever leave me alone.

Let us spend tonight together and take each other to worlds we haven’t been to. Let us see the world together and enjoy the moment.

I am here starring at your picture and I see a great man/woman. I see you fulfilling your dreams with me beside you encouraging you to keep keeping on.

I don’t ever want to live a day without you in it. I prefer to die yesterday than to have to live a day without you.

Your love has given me so much hope that when things seem unclear to me, I only need to hear your words of affirmation and assurance. Continue to be there for me baby. I love you.

Dear, nothing in this world can separate us, not even we ourselves. We share a bond that seems unexplainable. It’s a cord that binds our hearts together.

Loving you forever is not one of the options I have, it is the only option I have. It remains the only one I would see through. We are inseparable. I love you.

When I sleep and wake up at night, I remember you are not there, I console myself with memories of you and I pray you return safely. I miss you dear. Come back soon.

When I stroll around the house, I See you everywhere talking to me. Baby, even though you are far, you remain closer to my heart. I miss you and I love you . Come back soon.

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