50 Love Messages For Her or Him

by - Sunday, September 18, 2016

Romantic Love texting by woman

Do you want Some romantic Love Messages for Him or Her? The perfect ones for your Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Then, these love messages are just perfect for your partner. Try them out.

1. Just like the sand by the seashore is uncountable, my love for you remains immeasurable and the joy I feel for you, unquantifiable.

2. Every night, I read all our chats and discussions and I sheepishly smile with all assurance that you are mine. I don’t know how to stop loving you.

3. I want to stop loving you when you hurt me but I don’t know how to. It’s difficult because at the end, I give up. I love you still.

4. Each moment I place my hand on my heart, I am rest assured that my heart and yours resonate on the same frequency. Place your hand on your chest too and feel my heartbeat. I love you.

5. Through thick and thin, no matter where the world leads us, I will always hold your hands to assure you that you are never alone. I love you.

6. We owe it to ourselves and the future of our unborn children never to let go of what we hold true – our love for each other. We can make the world jealous of us.

7. In as much as I breathe, I make a promise to you and to myself that I will always be by your side, to support and love you at every step you take.

8. You don’t just mean anything to me. You mean this world and the one to come. If I had the opportunity to exchange the world with you, I would turn it down.

9. Let us promise that despite the trials and hardships, the good times and successes, and till infinity ends, we will keep holding hands and remain in love.

10. By the time I am done loving you here on earth, I will love you in eternity also. Just to show the mortals and immortals that our love is inseparable.

11. My love for you is bigger than the large expanse of waters and deeper than the ocean depths. I try to see how big it is but my sight can’t go further because I keep seeing you.

12. Baby, I want to build a world with you, where I can be reckless with you and still feel like myself. I want to love such that when you tell me I love you too much, I’ll tell you I haven’t started.

13. I just do not want us to live together. I want us to build an empire and succeed together with wonderful kids around us.

14. Years will pass, we will grow old. But when we do, I want to still look into your eyes and see the same spark I saw when we first met. I love you

15. Light fades, streams go dry, the moon dims, the stars retreat, the sun sets. But my love for you will not in any way, lose its value.

16. As I try to scribble my thoughts, the only thing I want to write about is you. You are always on my mind baby. Always.

17. Anytime my phone rings, I am left to imagine that you are the one calling. And my imagination becomes reality when I see your name on my screen. Call me baby

18. Everyone around me has at one point in time tagged me mad. I would rather remain madly in love with you than try to correct their notion.

19. When I think of you, I smile and sometimes I laugh alone. I'm happy I feel this way with you in my life. I hope you laugh when you think of me too?

20. Every time I am with you, I don’t want to be with any other person or even leave your presence. Its you and you alone that I want to spend every of my moments with.

21. I have taken time to list the good things that happened to me in the past months. Baby, from number one to ten, all I have written is your name.

22. I meet and interact with different people everyday but the only person that makes my day complete is you. I want to spend a lifetime with you.

23. As light shines and darkness gives way, your love has lighted my heart and I am renewed each and every day. May this love never dim in us.

24. As difficult as it is to accept, we would hurt each other at some point. Never let this cause more than just friction between us. I am sorry and I still love you.

25. Let us think back to how and where we began, we can't let this pain get the better part of us. What we share is stronger than both of us. Come back home dear. I am sorry.

26. Love is sometimes found in hopeless places. When I found yours, it was not in an hopeless place. I was renewed with hope and that fact has not yet changed. I love you.

27. One of the best moments is when I catch you looking at me and then you slowly look away. I have butterflies in my belly each time.

28. I found you in  a magic world and you take me there every single moment we hold hands and kiss. Let us remain in this world together baby.

29. Back hugs, forehead kisses and tight hugs are what I miss about you baby. I miss you every single moment. I can't wait to have you back in  my arms.

30. I used to think I meant so much to you, I just realized you mean so much to me than I would ever mean to you. Cut it! We mean so much to ourselves. Let this love grow.

31. It's only cold out there when you are away. Even winter seems warmer whenever we are together. I never want to spend a single day without you.

32. The only type of intimacy I want with you is where we can lay back, laugh together, hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and say stupid things about ourselves.

33. Baby, I keep thinking about how much I love you, how good you look when you smile and how much I love your laugh. These are the things that make me happy.

34. Each time you call my name, there is a feeling it gives to my soul. And the only thing I want to hear you say from now on is just my name.

35. BE rest assured that you are never alone. Anytime such feeling comes, just look within you into your heart and right there, you will find me.

36. I don’t want us to ever have an end and as such, I am going to treat you right as always just like I did at the beginning.

37. I know I am not your first love, your first crush or your first kiss, but I want to be the last person you will ever love and kiss.

38. I promise never to lie to you, never to cheat on you and never to give up on you. I believe in your dreams just like you believe in mine. I love you.

39. When I say I love you, it's not for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.

40. Just be certain that there is no divorce in our dictionary, the moment we get married, I am going to annoy the living hell out of you but you will love me still.

41. When I write a list of what makes me happy, the only thing from numbers one to twenty is YOU. Just you alone hold the key to my heart.

42. I had lost out on love and everything else and I threw away the key to my heart. I didn’t know you found the key and unlocked my heart. I will love you into forever.

43. They say love is either black or white. But mine is a rainbow, filled with so many beautiful colors of you. Let us keep painting this love story together.

44. I have had times alone. But I look forward to the times I will spend with you. Times where we can both be free in the rain and hug each other so tight.

45. I want to travel the world, travel the world with you and only you alone. We would go to places and capture the memories of our love not just in a camera but in our hearts too.

46. If all I had left was one breath, the only words I would whisper to your ears would be “I LOVE YOU”. If I had two, I would use the second one to give you a kiss.

47. After the rain must have beaten us cold, I dream of nights when we would go bare on each other’s bodies and feel every inch of it. I want you all for me baby.

48. Every fibre in me longs to have a feel of every fibre in you. We connect in ways I seem not to understand. It confirms that what we share is stronger than both of us.

49. I love you so much that I would do anything for you. I mean it with everything in me.

50. Baby you mean the whole world to me,  never forget that. I love you.

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