'I Love You' Text Messages For Him/Her

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Love Messages

'I Love You' messages are very romantic. Your relationship will always be blazing hot with a good dose of early morning romantic messages like these ones. Enjoy and share them with other people in love :

1. If I had my way, I would spend every minute with you. You are the one I want to live with and live for. I can’t wait see you honey, I love you.

2. Words alone are not enough to express what you do to me. It is only in you I have found true peace and most of all, true love.

3. At some point in life, I thought I had lost it all and would never be able to know what true love means. I was right until I met you. Thank you for loving me.

4.When I’m with you, I want to say a thousand things. But just looking into your eyes alone makes me speechless with a million thoughts. I would remain silent and just stare at you because I love a million more than thousand. I love you.

5. Deep within me I feel a sense of eternal belonging with you. I see the future and I see us together doing great things. It may take time but it will happen.

6. Fate has brought us together at a time when we both thought love only happens in books and movies. Dearie, let us write our own love story and shoot our love movie.

7. Our coming together is not a mistake. Tough times will happen but our love is tougher. When the ocean tide settles, we will look into each other’s eyes and be encapsulated in our love again.

8. Baby, looking into your eyes and all I see is the spark that lights up my heart and tunes my nerve. You do things to me only you know how. I can’t wait to be totally yours. I love you.

9. Each time I close my eyes, I see a beautiful world and a bright family. When I open them, I tell myself you are the only one I want all that with. No else love.

10. Baby, do you know that your simple “I miss you” messages mean a lot to me? Don’t stop sending because I am always expecting to see them. I love you and I miss you.

11. We kiss, we hug, we argue, we smile, we love. We are US. I love you.

12. No amount of physical beauty will take the place of your beautiful soul. It is what I fell in love with and it is what will keep me with you.

13. Your love erupt an avalanche of hurricane within my heart. Let this avalanche of love never go down baby because I love you.

14. A hug means I need you, a kiss means I love you, and a call means I miss you.

15. Even your most stupid conversations make my heart leap in joy. As long as it’s coming from you, they will always make sense to me. I love you my love.

16. Having you in my life has given me the peace I need. Even when I say stupid things, you smile and still tell me you love me. Keep loving me baby.

17. Out of all the 7 billion people on earth, the only one I look out for is and will always be you. Even when you hide from me, I will still find you.

18. Promise me you will ask me to marry you one day. I promise that my answer will be “Yes”. I love you.

19. Most nights, I try to rush into bed just so I would have enough time to think about you before I sleep. I am currently thinking about you now. I love you. Good night.

20. When I cry in front of you, it is only because you mean too much to me and you are the one I love the most.

21. No texts, no calls, no flash, and I am still here thinking about you like crazy. You hold the key to my heart baby, I love you.

22. You can make as many friends, be with as many as you wish, but the day you try to replace me with someone else, I will kill you with love.

23. You remain my lover and best friend. I dream of the days when you will wake up beside me to hear you say “good morning”.

24. I dream of the days we never have to say goodbyes again, just goodnights. Can’t wait to be yours baby.

25. From the bottom of my heart, I want to tell you that “I wish I knew you earlier”. Since you came into my life, you have given me so much than I can ever imagine. I love you baby.

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