Romantic Love Messages to Reawaken Love

by - Saturday, April 08, 2017

Romantic Love Messages on candy

Love is one of the best things to feel in Iife and that's why it is important to keep it burning. There are many ways to make your lover feel wanted all over again, sending romantic love messages is one of them. It makes your partner feel more loved and cherished. If you don't have enough words to express yourself,  these love messages are just perfect for you. Sometimes words can't describe what you feel but you need to say it. Find inspiration here:

1.All I want to hear is the sound of your voice. It gives calm to my soul and peace to my mind. Call me baby.

2. I don’t have gold or diamonds, all I seek from you is not even the whole world. Just pull me to yourself, hold me tight and tell me I am yours.

3. There is this unexplainable joy that I have within me each time I see a text or chat from you. I smile before I even open it and I am happy that I crossed your mind at that moment.

4. I know you are afraid of falling in love with me but I am assuring you that when you fall, I would be there to catch you. I love you.

5. I have no idea how I have lived up till now without you. Then I remember the only reason I lived till now is just so I could meet and be with you. Baby, you were made for me and I was made for you.

6. Calling me cute is nice. Calling me hot is great but calling me yours is all I ever want to hear from you. I love you.

7. When our palms come together, I want them to remain like that forever because they belong together.

8. I want you today, tomorrow, next week, next year and forever. Let us remain together baby.

9. I’m not in any way perfect. Just be rest assured that I will annoy you, make fun of you and say stupid things about you but in all, I will still love you.

10. I saw that you were perfect and I loved you. Then I saw the imperfections, guess what? I loved you more.

11. My life was in shambles until you came around and put every piece back in its place. I won’t stop loving you baby.

12. I want to conquer the world with my hand but I need you to tell me you would be holding my other hand. We are stronger together baby. Let us make the world jealous.

13. Loving you is hard but letting you go is harder. Hold my hand baby and never let me go. I will love you into forever.

14. Baby you are my walking radio and I am your addicted listener. We both have ourselves to ourselves. Let us make it count. I love you.

15. I am in love with you and your little things. All I ever want is just to be yours and yours for forever.

16. Forever seems too short a time for us to be together. I want to start making each moment count from now on. I don’t want a day without you in my life.

17. Anytime I’m having a rough day, either of your voice to calm me or your face to steady me, is all I yearn for. I love you baby.

18. Even when I do things that will make you hate me, always remember that you are my world and you still remain the only one I care about.

19. Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but the world of the person you are changing. You have changed my world baby, I love you for that.

20. It’s awesome when I see you offline, then you suddenly come online and all of a sudden you start typing to send to me. My heart leaps in bounds knowing we are both thinking of each other.

21. A very interesting tale it is that our love story still remains a surprise even to us, not to mention the world and everyone around us. Let us write this story together.

22. Each day the earth revolves around the sun, my love revolves around you and it gets renewed each and every day. I can’t stop loving you baby.

23. When fire burns, it purifies gold. But when you love burns, it renews my heart that with you, I am safe and I have nothing to worry about. I love you now more than ever.

24. As each day breaks, my love for you is renewed each moment like the fountain of waters. I will continue to love you.

25. The brightness of the sun is synonymous to the brightness of my love for you. It shines with immeasurable intensity that I hope you get blind by it.

Reawaken your love today with these romantic love messages. Which of these do you like the most? Are you planning to use anyone of them? Tell me what number? 

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