Stop Comparing Your Life with Others. Here's Why

by - Monday, April 03, 2017

It is likely that you have at one point in your life compared yourself with other people. It is not unlikely that you are still doing that. Your best friend has a better relationship than yours because her boo buys her expensive gifts everyday. This type of comparison sounds a little bit unreasonable but that's what comparison is. It strips you of objectivity and presents to you a lot of sentiments.

In life, healthy comparison may be the tool you need for excellence and until you are able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy, you might be going round in circles constant unhappiness. Constant unhappiness might lead to jealousy which can in turn lead to bitterness.


-Everybody is unique

The sum of all your experiences, decisions, understanding, exposure and personality is what makes you unique. Nobody else can ever go through the same challenges you went through the exact period you went through them. Siblings and even twins understand life differently. They are going to react and respond to external 'stimuli' differently, so it would be totally unreasonable to expect our lives to be like other people's lives because they are richer, more intelligent or more beautiful.

-It is totally unnecessary

What is going to be the end result of comparing your life with another person? How is comparing your life going to make you as good as them?  You are going to worry and be sad. You are going to keep chasing after things that may not be achievable. Eventually, you may end up living a fake life to appear like the other person. As soon as the person moves on to other things, you are going to keep on trying to be like them until you feel exhausted. You are going to be tired in the end. Are these worth it? It is not necessary.

-You forget to be grateful

When you compare your life with others, you forget to count your blessings. You lose sight of the beautiful things that are presently going on in your own life. You forget to be grateful for those achievements that have made you happy at one point in your life.

-Your metrics are limited

If you are going to compare your life with other people, what metrics are you going to use? Are you going to combine the flourishing career of Mr A and the beautiful body shape of Mrs B with the spiritual fervency of sister C? If you will use just one metric - the spiritual fervency of sister C, of what standard are you going to compare hers? Is hers going to be an absolute indication of what spiritual fervency should be?

-Only you are sure of you

You don't know what other people are doing to appear the way they are. This may be funny but what if rubbing off your classmate's makeup reveals that the kind of nose you have always compared yours with isn't exactly what you would like after all? Makeup gave you such an illusion! What if your colleague has had to get loans to appear rich. Only you know you. Only you are sure of what you have, what you are made up and what assets you have.

If you have been comparing yourself with someone in particular or other people, it is time to stop and face your life. Invest in yourself and pursue your own race diligently. Be true to yourself, be true to your personality, be true to people who love you and admire you for all the good stuff you have.

If you don't follow me on my social media handles, I want to officially wish you a happy new month. Happy new April. Plenty love.

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  1. Wow! I enjoyed this. Lessons learned. Errm, Ekuse me ma, isn't that Yele on the profile picture? Or is my eyes doing me something?

    1. Thank you for reading. I am happy you learned.

      Is kuku Yele o. Hihihihiihhihihihihi.