Who cheats more: the man or the woman?

by - Friday, June 23, 2017

Apparently, #DNA broke Facebook some days ago and o my my, all hell was let loose as people began to update their statuses shaming the men who wear the cheating badge with pride. Discussions are being dug up and we don't know whether to think people are just becoming more irresponsible or just plain reckless nowadays.

A sex education group on Facebook, Ila Otu was shut down when an aggravated woman who would rather not allow her husband do a DNA test on their children took to privately asking the admin to pull down her husband's opinion post. Her husband was asking the group users whether his wife not allowing for a DNA test meant that she was cheating on him.

They say a woman's evil is worse. Hehehehehe... People are beginning to say that women cheat more but more secretly.

We want to ask what you think about marital infidelity and extra marital affairs? Who cheats more, the man or the woman? Why do you think so?

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  1. I have always said that cheating or infidelity in marriage or relationships is not gender specific. As a woman, I would not cheat on my man, not because I am a woman but because I am a sane HUMAN. This should be the mindset of all, man or woman. #MyThoughts