How to be a Voracious Reader

by - Saturday, March 16, 2013

Woman reading Voraciously in the library

You want to know how to become a voracious reader? Then this article is definitely for you. 

‘Reading is my hobby’, not a small population of people say it. A popular adage says, ‘readers are leaders’. If so many people are voracious readers, we should by now have a lot of leaders in a lot of different aspects and fields. Reading should not become extinct. The populace now likens ignorance to Africans simply because we don't read. Why should things be hidden from Africans by putting them in black and white? Of course, there are a lot of things you are to pursue and achieve in life, reading should become one. Remember I said reading is a culture and a culture is a way of life. This should necessarily tell you that being a voracious reader does not start in a day. These are practical tips to help you become a voracious reader:

Start small
Most great ventures start with little beginnings. Yes, they do. It is as simple as starting with just a small pamphlet. For every book you start to read, make up your mind to finish. Remember you are just starting out and you don’t need anything to make you get discouraged, at least not now. So when you start with small books, materials or pamphlets, you get a sense of accomplishments when you finish them. This gives you a tremendous push on.

Set a target
Do not start a book without setting a goal as to when to expect finishing. It limits your goal of Voracious reading. Setting a target leaves you committed. Of course you don’t want to fail. When you give yourself a definite period of time or a time limit, there is the probability that your reading speed is increased so as to meet the target. One more thing about target is setting the realistic ones. You should not set a target as finishing a book within two hours. This only gets you all worked up and upset.

Keep a log of books you have read
Keeping a log of books you have read is to help you see how far you have gone in your reading career. It gives you a sense of self-fulfillment. It gives you more drive. This makes you proud of yourself. You will get to realize how far and farther you can go. You are finally on your way to being the Voracious reader of your dreams. 

What the Chinese don't eat by Xinran

Apply positive lessons learnt from the books you read
Applying lessons makes you appreciate your reading life. If when applying these lessons, you get positive results, of course you are tempted to read more because you want to gain more. You want to learn more, you want to rule your world.

Join a reading club
Getting accountable for something makes you pursue that thing with all earnestness. In a reading club, books are picked, targets are set, and morals are extracted from the books read. You do these in groups; it gives you fellowship you know. It is also great to know you are working with people of like interests. This makes reading enjoyable especially if they are the dream voracious readers you want. You can join a local reading club; you can join one online or can even establish one within your locality. Take time to check out other reading clubs and know how it should be ideally run before establishing one.

Have reading partners
Have individuals you can share with, rub minds with. Ideas flow when you have somebody you read with. A reading partner can be your spouse, your friend or even a member of your book club. This makes the reading activity interesting. Nobody likes boring adventures. Get someone you want to read as voraciously as. 

Read everyday
Make a commitment to read some pages of your selected book per day. If you have set a target, reading everyday can be of help. Reading everyday also gets you addicted. At least, a positive type of addiction is cherished.

Read almost anything
Versatility is one of the rewards of voracious reading. Reading anything does not include the offensive ones. You are you and you know what you want. Get informed from different sources possible.

Remember: readers are leaders. You can also be a voracious reader. 

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