by - Sunday, March 17, 2013

There are a lot of hidden and latent potentials that we’ve got. A lot more than we have even cared to discover, cultivate and utilize. Let us imagine having a plot of land. On a plot of land, you can cultivate crops, you can build houses, and you can start a business depending on what you think will be the best for you. You also know that exploring the land may bring a fortune- a good one as that. If Geologists have discovered that your plot of land is a potential oil container, they talk to you about it, surveyors are involved, other things take shape and in no time the land is cleared of any existing structure and you find yourself giving them the permission to explore the plot of land.

Look, it is until you look inside, look inwards and imagine what you can do and what you have that the purpose of your existence can be established and accomplished. You have some potentials that can make way for you, you’ve got abilities that can introduce you to the world, you have gifts that can make you manifest in your niche. Don’t just sit and waste them. Don’t make yourself idle and remain a mediocre. Everybody has the tendency to make it. You are rich inside. Many people may be poor in their standard of living, but nobody is poor inside.
Meditate; think of what you do with joy. Imagine yourself doing it and see whether you will feel satisfied if you are actually doing it. Yes, you may like to draw, you may fancy painting, you may be the type that likes to repair damaged things or you may be good at teaching your peers to understanding. Why not take action on these talents and gifts? Why not improve on them? Why not let the world know that you can stand out in a midst of the multitudes?

When you have the idea, develop it. Looking inwards should not be a difficult thing to do. This is your personality, this is yourself, this is your life and that is who you are. A lot of people are really missing it. They complain of poverty, they complain of insufficient resources. In fact, this is not limited to only individuals; companies, bodies, countries etc. are also guilty of this. Hidden resources are buried and given proper funeral ceremonies by the complaints and crying, murmurs and tears. There are lots and lots of things still needed to be discovered. Look inwards.

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