by - Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do you know or remember this song? ײַDon’t worry, be happyײַ... Give me one reason why you should be troubled and I will give you 101 reasons why you should not. ‘Hmmmmnnnn.... easier said than done’, I heard you mumble that. Listen up. There are troubles everywhere. Life has to teach you, it cannot be all rosy all the time. Yeah... hard but true. We are in a world full of stress, troubles and uncertainty. Even nations are fighting against themselves. So you see that not only you have a cause to worry.
          No job? Don’t worry. No kids? Don’t worry. No admission into a higher institution? Don’t worry. Here we go, these sound stupid but serious… realistically, it helps. Friend, what would worry do? Nothing good. Nothing but health problems and more depression. Health experts say that chronic worrying affects your daily life so much that it interferes with your appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep, and job performance. Many people who worry excessively are so anxiety-ridden that they seek relief in harmful lifestyle habits such as overeating, cigarette smoking, or using alcohol and drugs.
          My advice? Keep calm, keep the faith, get help if you need and trust in God.

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