by - Sunday, July 28, 2013

          Who says you are not? Tell them God says you are. You are unique to your creator. If you think you are too fat, God made you that way. If you think you are too short, God made you that way. You’ve got to start appreciating God’s creation including your body. If all you do is criticize what the good Lord has made, then you are doing well to commit a sin. He has made all things beautiful in his sight. He made you and said ‘this is good’.
          Do not let anybody downgrade God’s art. You will help people appreciate you if you first of all appreciate yourself. Look into the mirror; look at what is starring back at you. Nobody else was made this way. I mean nobody! Isn’t that beautiful? It is. You’ve got a lot to be proud of. Feel good about who you are, yourself and your body. You’ve got size in a proportion that doesn’t match anybody’s. Begin to appreciate it. You are too beautiful to be critisized.
          Imagine how much time God spent on you just to make you who you are. He molded you, and put his ‘special breathe’ in you. Isn’t that great? You carry the breathe of God about. You are not ordinary

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