The Inevitable Emotion

by - Monday, September 09, 2013

          ... Nobody will ever reach a place of not having emotions. Nobody will ever reach a point of not having a variety of feelings. For example, no matter how hard you and I may try, we will always have to deal with the emotion of anger, which causes many people a lot of guilt and condemnation... Many times people come to me for counseling, saying, ‘I have this deep-seated anger inside me.’ This anger is often a wound left over from childhood hurts. In that case, the answer is not so much to get rid of the anger, but to get at the root of what is causing it to hang on and cause problems after all these years... This is part of staying in balance. It is not to go around feeling angry all the time, any more than it is right to go around feeling pain all the time. But we must remember that we are human beings and are equipped with certain feelings like anger that were given to us by God for a reason. Our job is not to try to get rid of those emotions, but to learn how to manage them.

Culled from: Managing your emotions by Joyce Meyer

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  1. Ma! So pls help manage this,
    There is always a story behind every decision. You have to break walls to really know what the story is. What's your story? Tell how your emotions has been disturbed........ for you to come about this kind of decision.

  2. Sincerely, we have all at one point or the other had emotional disturbances, irregularities, even mismanagement of emotions. I had my own share while I was growing up (check out my article on 'verbal abuse'). Joyce too had a pretty similar abuse type and some other psychologists I have come to know, the females especially. When you break through your emotional wall/barrier you are able to help others. One major effect of that type of abuse is a very low self esteem. Some persons who have broken through helped me too.
    Well, this above article which was not written by me (of course an excerpt form Joyce Meyer's work) has invoked a lot of responses:positive and negative. Some people who understandably wouldn't want to come out in the open have e-mailed me and my whatsapp new message alert system has not ceased to work incessantly since then.
    So, Michael I did not come about that decision, Joyce did and I am in full support of her own contribution to the anger-as-an-emotion story. Some have had to deal with emotions in very very unrealistic ways. Some feel it is wrong to get angry. I boldly say that it is not wrong to get angry, what is is mismanaging it. If you have never gotten angry, nobody has never offended you. That doesn't sound realistic, does it?
    This reply is a response to Michael's question in a little way and also an encapsulating answer to questions raised by my blog readers. I hope to write an article soon (probably next week) on this to effectively expatiate.
    Enjoy life! I love y'all for taking the time to accommodate my rants.


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