Verbal diarrhea

by - Sunday, September 15, 2013

He seemed to have a lack of will to cease
He sounded diseased
Fear of being contaminated gripped me
Surprisingly he didn’t even sense
I couldn’t bear patiently anymore
My ears ached, my head groaned
I stared blankly
Trying to figure out what the problem was made it worse
His loud laugh brought me back to life
I had to even stagger drunkenly to regain balance
Then the veil on my eyes lifted
I saw the disease...
Verbal diarrhea

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  1. Ahahahahahahahahhaha. But seriously, if you were in my shoes at the moment, you would have gone so wild. U've gotta see classes of illnesses! :)

  2. Hmm!
    -It might not really be His fault,
    -He might actually be waiting for the best time when it will seem right for Him to talk,
    -On the other hand, He might also be willing to, but what if you did not give room for Him to express Himself,
    -In conclusion, what if it only seems to you alone that he is going through VERBAL DIARRHEA, did you confirm from Him??????????????

  3. Yeah this is when laff wan kill me die. Michael! Ahahahahahahahahahah. So you are telling me all the faintness and compulsory hibernating mode and ehn... ehnn... sorry my groaning head and aching ears must have come from a misinterpretation of a present malady. Mheeeen he was sick jare . I even hope I have not been contaminated. *Joking*

  4. Seriously that it baam!

    I just really hope that you wish to help Him out!

    Or at least you could make Him talk!

    Meanwhile, how was veil covering your eyes too, or you weren't giving him audience.

  5. That poem is the work of fiction my dear so don't take it too seriously. Leave the rest to the imagination. Ahahahahahahaha. Lol...


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