Enjoy life!

by - Monday, October 14, 2013

          Joyce Meyer in her book -Managing your emotions- says 'Regardless of what a child does, he can manage to find a way to have a good time. He can be punished and made to stand in a corner, and he will make a game out of it by doing something like counting the flowers on the wallpaper... That's where you and I fail as adults. We have all kinds of mundane things to do, things we hate and dread and just want to get over with, but we don't allow ourselves to enjoy them'. I do not agree less with Joyce.
        You see, there are phases in our lives that do not seem enjoyable. They can be boring, stressful and void of fun. But like little children, we can make fun out of it. Enjoying life is a conscious effort. It's not automatic to find everything falling in pleasant places. We hope for the best but reality is that not everything comes out best. Whenever we find ourselves in circumstances, situations, phases, periods that do not seem interesting and fun-filling, we can decide to create fun out of it. It's a deliberate effort to enjoy life, to have fun, to be happy wherever you are. Children have fun, they play, they laugh. It doesn't mean they do not also get pissed or bored, but they play still. Live a little, indulge reasonably, laugh, play, make the best out of unpalatable situations. Do these on purpose. Life hasn't promised to give you a bed full of roses, so the little while you have, enjoy it. If that house chore is what you dread most, make it fun. Play some good music while doing it. Do some dance steps, humour the washing machine shape, laugh at the amusing broom size, give your precious plate a pet as you place it on the rack, kiss your favorite mug while rinsing. Don't be too serious, enjoy life!

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