Living with a frustrated person

by - Friday, November 08, 2013

frustrated black woman

You can be happy but know that you cannot make everyone happy. Some people don’t just want to be happy. It is logical to want to pull people out of the pit. Yes... it sounds like what a nice, moral person would do. 

Here, we are talking about a frustrated person. A frustrated person is frustrated; there are no two ways to describe that condition. He/she is dissatisfied and it is either he/she is willing to get out or not. If he/she is willing to get out, then we have a positive situation at hand. Here comes how we intend to help. Love and listening ear should be given to the person. 

Here are more tips to dealing with frustrated people

Whatever it is in the whole wide world that is making him/her feel that way should be discovered. Refer them to experts that can help them. Pray for them. Most times we find out that frustration is as a result of lack of fulfillment. He/she is not getting results and things are looking so blurred, the future to him/her is bleak.

What if this person is not ready? You've got to do your best and go on ahead and be happy. I wouldn’t suggest that while trying to pull a person out of the pit, you fall into it. Some are just not happy with life, and they also want other people not to be too. 

They derive joy from that, when they have a pity party group. It gives them the feeling that they are not alone. But you wouldn't want to be miserable and pathetic, would you? So, for the unwilling person, do your best, hope for the best and leave the rest.

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