Good Girls Versus Smart Girls

by - Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good girls wait for Mr. right to show up and marry them, smart girls become Miss right so as to attract Mr. Right.

What do you do while waiting for your partner? You’ve gotta be preparing and up to the task. I have seen ladies wishing and wishing. Listen up good lady, while you are there wishing and hoping for the Mr. right, your smart counterpart is there becoming the Miss right. There must be something out there your man will have to admire; you just can’t be a future liability. Almost all guys are smart but I cannot make bold to say the same about ladies. Please note that beauty is not enough. Honestly, it is not enough to attract Mr. Right. ‘And how do I become Miss Right?’, you ask.

Get a life

Be equipped

Be enviable

Solve problems

Affect lives positively

Cultivate good virtues/character

Last but not least, groom.

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