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          Here I am in this overnight camp somewhat stranded. Somewhat. It's not like I cannot cope a little but I blame myself for not properly preparing. I thought we were supposed to be camping in a place different from where we are now. The former is comfortable and I know a lot of people there. So I decided to do 'attachee' with some of my friends. Unknowing to them though. Well, I have made up my mind now. As from now on I will always get prepared whether or not I have the hope of meeting an aquintance. This kinda experience has made me draft out some 'cannot-do-without' things we need to take along when going to a camp. Even if it's going to be camping for just overnight. And so you know, this is for the females only. Come to think of it, how am I supposed to know exactly what a guy would need? Also, for the females, note that packing your stuff well and having a small/moderate and compact bag should be at your discretion. Ladies, you know what I mean lest you break your tooth brush and trim your trousers to make space just like Mr Beans. we go:
Toothbrush: Of course you know you cannot do without except you wanna cause an odour commotion in camp.
Portable sponge case: with bathing soap and sponge
Deodorant and perfume
Mosquito net: find out about the area first so that you do not pack unnecessaries. It's possible that the place might even been fumigated in preparation for your camping. But if you will be spending a night or two, I suggest you get mosquito repellant cream.
Small towel: You should get a towel of the same size you use in the gym.
Sanitary pad: if you foresee your period.
Body cream: you can look for a smaller container.
Make up kit: make do with a smaller one and pack in only necessaries like lip gloss/stick, eye shadow...
Pyjamas: if you wanna be in camp and still look/feel great. Sleeping in your day clothes may still give you the stressed out feeling, so if you are not taking pyjamas or night gown, make sure you are in sleeping clothes.
Wrapper! : yes...wrapper! If not for mosquitoes or cold, use it to buy an homely environment. There is this unexplainable solace in sleeping wrappers expecially for African ladies.
Bed sheet: or stick with wrapper if it's just an overnight. That won't kill you.
Underwears: pants, bra, and extras. Take JUST enough
Hair net: packing your hair will give you freedom.
Bathroom slippers: you wouldn't wanna use your day footwear in whatever comfort station you will be finding yourself in.
Foldable bed: this should only come in if it's going to be for more than a week. Find out if beds will be provided beforehand. Important.
Torch: by that, I do not mean headlamp. Take that of a portable size, preferrably battery powered.
         Now, the above list are basics. We nevertheless have ladies that wanna have their cake and eat it. There are some who will love to squeeze in that fashionable shoe, their whole make up kit, cornflakes, bread...oh's true. But I call that lack of wisdom. Get the most portable bag ever and get on with the packing.

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