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We struggle on daily basis to find happiness
because truth be told, we are in a world of peril
that is filled with poverty, global warming, rising
crime rates, war, sickness and news of death all
over. A world where “if only” threaten to win the
day. “My life would be so much more sweeter if
only i were richer, more famous, slimmer,
younger, older, had a better job, in a better
But happiness is all around you and it doesnt
care how much money you have got left and the
circumstances surrounding your life. The key
ingredient to any kind of happiness or success is
to never give less than your best. True joy- not
quickie mood boosts but that totally stoked
mental state- boils down to these surprising
essentials. Sit back, pick a pen as you behold
your ticket to bliss…
1. You Need A Solid Core Group Of Friends.
“Friendship is one of life’s main joys”. Spending
time with people who really know you affords you
the freedom to be yourself, which increases
contentment. You dont have to be the centre of
this group, just find a set of people you feel safe
with and who you share the same ideologies with
and you can easily relate to even on personal
terms. You’ll need these people forever and after.
2. Cultivate Positive Emotions.
Rather than focusing on depression, anger and
anxiety, you could chanel your emotions toward
something more gainful.
If we look at a whole range of positive emotions—
from amusement to awe to interest to gratitude
to inspiration—what they all have in common is
that they are reactions to your current
circumstances. They aren’t a permanent state;
they’re feelings that come and go. That’s true of
all emotions, but positive emotions tend to be
more fleeting.
They are also what I would call “wantable”
states. Not only do they feel good, but we want
to feel them. Some people might say it feels good
to be angry, and anger can sometimes be useful
or productive, but people don’t want to feel
angry. Positive emotions have a kind of alluring
glitter dust on them. You want to re-arrange your
day to get more of those sparkling moments.
3. Be Adventurous.
Recall your favorite school memories. 100 bucks
says they are not those times you studied
tirelessly but the crazy experiences and the
exhilarating moments. Those crazy moments are
what gives you the sense that you are truly living.
An 11-year-old boy once rushed into traffic
torescue a dog that was hit by a car. The dog
lived. I’m sure some might see that as insane,
right? But i’m sure anytime the boy sees the dog
or any dog at all and recalls the rescue moment,
he’s gonna feel ano unexplainable joy aint it?
Now, im not saying you should become carefree
but dont get hungup on always plying the straight
and narrow way.
4. Do What You Love Doing.
Like i wrote in my first blog on here How To Know
You Are On The Right Path. There is a great level
of joy inherent in doing what you have passion
for. Regardless of criticisms, pursue your dreams.
Against all odds. Do your best to make sure you
are doing that thing you love and trust me this
joy is everlasting. You get to live with no regrets
5. Be Wary Of The Choices You Make.
According to me, happiness comes from everyday
life choices. This can be dangerous especially
when you are blessed with an array of choices to
pick from. “Intuitively, having so many choices
should make you happier, but it can actually make
you feel worse” says Barry Schwartz. PhD. author
of The Paradox Of Choices. Decide wisely at every
point in time. Never go for something that will
give you a momentary happiness but the lasting
From me, Dont worry, Be happy and put a smile
on that face. It drives your foes crazy. Happy
reading and Merry Christmas in advance!!!
Mayornovia (S.B.S)

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