Excerpt from Joyce Meyer's book

by - Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I have a passion to help people enjoy their lives. I am sure it is partly due to the fact that I wasted a lot of years not enjoying mine...Enjoying life does not mean we have something exciting going on all the time; it simply means we need to learn to enjoy simple, everyday things. Most of life is rather ordinary, but we are supernaturally equipped with the power of God to live ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

God is Life, and if we don't enjoy life, then we really don't enjoy Him. He came that we might have and enjoy our life to the full. Let's learn and take action so we can be a witness to the power of God that is available to all. Yes, it takes God's power to enjoy life because all of life is not easy. Many things happen that we did not plan and some of them are difficult. We all encounter people that are hard to deal with and situations that we deplore, yet Jesus said, 'cheer up, I have overcome the world and deprived it of the power to harm you' (see John 16:33). Cheer and joy are weapons of warfare, and sadness weakens us, but as I said earlier, joy strengthens. Smile and laugh...it makes you and everyone around you feel better.

Culled from: Seven Things That Steal Your Joy by Joyce Meyer

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