Too busy to be happy-or healthy

by - Thursday, June 05, 2014

Stress has become an accepted part of 21st century life, but its effects can have a far -reaching- and devastating - effect. While it's almost impossible to avoid stress, it's how you deal with it that counts. How would you reply if someone asked if you were in good health? Hopefully, you would say 'yes' immediately. But what if you knew the World Health Organisation's definition of good health isn't just an absence of disease, it is also 'the presence of emotional and physical well-being'? You might as well pause before answering. 
Let's face it, few of us can remember when we last felt 100%, both physically and emotionally- and the most likely reason is that we are to busy with our day-to-day lives to notice how we feel. 'But being busy isn't in itself the problem,' says Liz Tucker, a British expert on stress. 'Being busy is fine, as long as you're busy doing what you love. Where things go wrong is when we're so busy 'servicing' our lives that we switch our attention away from what we value. A clue to the fact that stress is creeping in is when it feels like your day is spent dealing with difficult people and tasks , with little fun.' It's easy not to notice that life has got out of balance: you may not feel that stressed, but that doesn't mean a busy lifestyle isn't taking its toll.

How to feel better-fast

-Get 'outside your head'
-Learn deep-breathing techniques
-Use body language to relax
-Shut your eyes and visualize yourself where you would most like to be at this moment
-Break up your day
-Find time for happiness

Make time for the people and activities that make your heart sing, and it really will be difficult to let stress get to you

Excerpt from True Love West Africa. February 2006 issue.

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