SOV National Ladies Camp Meeting Report (pictures)

by - Monday, July 28, 2014

SOV National Ladies camp 2014

Hi people. How was the weekend? Mine was a Holy Ghost blast. Chai! God just refreshed, renewed and revived me. First of all, Pastor Segun Coker, I want to sincerely thank you for allowing God to use you. It is one thing to be usable and another thing to be used. God bless you. What a lucky woman Mrs Solape Coker is. Secondly, SOV is acronym for School of Virtue.

Pastor Segun Coker
Pastor Segun Coker

I went anticipating too little, I just wanted time out and decided to in the process consciously add to my spiritual life. I was just dazed. God slapped me right on my back and woke me up from my slumber. 
SOV NLC 2014

Now, I sincerely would love to share what I gained at this 3-day meeting but I don't even know how to co-ordinate and bring the points to agree into a theme because the lessons I learnt were overwhelming. Lemme even say that I tried to update my blog with an advertisement of the program on Thursday. I just couldn't because the network was bad bad bad. I tried but gave up when it was becoming so frustrating. I wish that it didn't happen that way but we can still get to download the messages here 

It is at a cost of 300 naira I think. Please, get the messages. The theme for this year's ladies camp was 'God needs a mother'. The 'mother' we have in there is much more than we think. You should find out more in the messages.

SOV NLC 2014 was the bomb people. I am happy I went.

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