The Only Reason You are not Organized

by - Saturday, August 09, 2014

I have found out that my room could be at times rough and unsightly. Some times I am set and organized, other times I am not. I have had to console myself with the fact that I am Sanguine and that people of the same temperament are generally untidy. But really, when someone comes into my room and I have to apologize for being rough I ask myself why I have to apologize and not be neat instead. It is much better to be organized, prim and proper than to be scattered and have to tell people you could be better and neat.
Our lives will become more organized if we can be orderly and intentional. This also applies to our 'virtual' lives.

Now we move to the nitty-gritty of why you can't be organized.

'Why?' I can almost hear you ask impatiently.

Answer: you don't always put everything back in their proper places.

So, the opposite is the way out: put everything, eveeerythiiing, back in their appropriate places. You pick a spoon from its rack, return back to its rack after usage. You pick a book from the middle of the shelve, return back to that spot after usage. If you try returning that book after usage to another place other than that original spot, in no time the book shelve will become a mess after subsequent book withdrawals.

Some rules of life are just very simple and easy and we wonder ...this is too easy to be right. Not all right things are hard. Some may be...yes...some. An example is the instruction- do not engage in any form of sexual activity before marriage. It seems hard to practice even though in the real sense it is easy. Moreover, some of those inappropriate sexual activities end in regrets which is way harder than the original rule. Well, this one we are particular about, putting things back in their respective places, is an easy rule. You obey and you get you a clutter free life.

P.S- I want you to know that I love you. Enjoy your weekend, it is for you.

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