What Next?

by - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

                                                      Lexi Walker

Now, you are at the end of a stage in life. A lap has just been finalized. You are thinking...just what am I going to do for the rest of my life? These situations can be confusing. You might not find it less frustrating when your friends have already decided. It seems they have headway already. Everybody around you knows what they want. It is now looking like you are going to be revolving round.
Do you really choose to revolve round? Oh... that is sounding more frustrating. I quote from ‘playful kiss’- a movie ‘Just until I find what to do, I am going to have fun with my life... Actually, I don’t know what direction I would move. No, I have not found it yet. But I am prepared.’ These words ring: ‘fun’, ‘prepare’.

  Have fun. It will be more disastrous to put your life on hold while deciding. Be happy, make others happy too. Discover your talents, get a life!

 Prepare. While you are waiting, get your heart together, get your head together. Keep searching for purpose. Don’t just lie around. Be busy (doing something).
If you are at this momentary stop, listen to this – life will not stop just because you have decided to. So even if you do not know where exactly you are going, keep moving on in faith.

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