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You would think that in a world of ours where sex has become a very popular activity, people would know and get accustomed to their genitals and sexuality as a whole. Do you know that till this day, some people –even the sexually active ones- think that a woman’s hymen covers the whole of the vagina? Well, let me shock those of you who think so. It doesn’t cover fully, it does so partially. Like this:

* Please note that there are different hymen shapes.
I remember listening to a podcast some time ago persuading the hearers to check out their genitals. For the women, they could get a mirror to properly inquire into their system. People have become so ignorant and shallow that all they focus on is the pleasure they derive from sexual intercourse. What a shame! Before I move on, let me get out a word of caution to a selected specie of people who will recognize themselves as soon as I say this.  If you are deriving this pleasure as a result of sexual intercourse out of marriage (pre- or extra-), you are miserable, already doomed. A lifetime of guilt and regret is awaiting you.  I am just saying. So chill, cool down and lower your clenched fist.
Moving on, learn about your genitals from a book, online or from a gynecologist. You sleep with your sexuality, wake up with it, you carry it around. Do not let it become so distant and foreign to you.
Would any of you, my readers believe that it took me a long while to know that my urine outlet is different from my menstrual period outlet? Well, I should have learnt that in my secondary school Biology. I don’t know what went wrong there.  I never knew until that time of knowledge that we as ladies have ‘two holes’.  No need to laugh at me. I am probably just informing you too. So take note as silently as you can; with humility.
 Let the men find out why they are circumcised; why they feel the way they feel in their sleep sometimes, a brief knowledge of the structure (anatomy) and functionality (physiology) of their penis.  
We need to leave the world of vanity (sex without brain) and move on into a world of knowledge which in turn gives power.
Some of us reading this article do not exactly know how we look like, stark naked. Pause, before you think you know, get naked and stand in front of a full mirror. For crying out loud, this is your body we are talking about here. You have a long while to spend with it; it will be with you for the rest of your life, till death do you part.
This article is a call to action. Know about and get comfortable in your sexuality.
Keep exploring, I love you all. Xoxo.

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