Ladies' handbag- an accessory or a necessity

by - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A few months ago, Wole, a colleague of mine stared at me for what seemed like more than two seconds and blurted out- why do you have to carry this big handbag? My response was lame, I admit. That was partly because I had never given it a thought.

Today, as I write this, I am giving it the thought I think the issue deserves and so I am putting it forward to you, my dear readers. I will have to say here that men wondered less when only portable handbags were the case. The query came up when we all ported to the big handbag trend. The fact that the trend has subsided to the more of clutches/purses for special occasions is not undermining that we still at one point or the other carry our handbags- big or small.

An accessory
Well, I would say that the handbag as an accessory completes the look of a woman. Her femininity is asserted. It magnifies her presence and gives her a measure of self confidence. It can also be a fashion statement. There is a way an handbag complements a lady in that it can either be used to dress up or dress down an outfit. This means a lot to us. It really does.

A necessity
Needless to say, we, unlike the male folk move around with stuff. Our men (excluding the 'serious' class) would have only their wallets and phone(s) on them. In fact, they might not even have them in their hands because they are always on pieces that have pockets- their shirts, trousers. As a result, all they have on them is pocketed. Ladies on the other hand have stuuuuuff!

Asking me to move around in this stance is like stripping me nude. I wouldn't sacrifice my comfort on the altar of portability.

This is my opinion about this frequently asked question- why the handbag? What's yours? 

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