Tomorrow is 2015

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dear Diary,
          Today is December 31, 2014. Tomorrow is January 1, 2015. It is just a change of date, I know. It also is a transition into another new year. I can't wait to see what it holds. I know that our holidays are so overrated and hyped that some of them have lost their meanings. Remember the Christmas holiday we celebrated last week. I thought it was supposed to be remembrance of Christ's birth but it really didn't seem like it. I spent the day constantly reminding myself of the reason for the season.
My dearest buddy, I don't really have too much to say today. Most of them are written on your pages anyway. About new year resolutions, I don't have any too. I just want to continue my journey through life, you know. I hope tomorrow will be a special Thursday.
                                                       With Love.

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