It's 2015!

by - Friday, January 09, 2015

And this is your first post? You are not a very serious Blogger at all. What's up with a New Year welcome post on the 8th of January? Or is today 9th? Lemme confirm that. Okay, 9th.
Yes, yes! I am tired. I am tired of Blogging. So so tired of creating new Blog posts. You know, I was about to publish something on the 1st of this month and then I thought...who reads them anyway? I read Kemifilani on the 31st of December, last year...yeah it was a former year nine days ago. She was contemplating suicide! Ha, this one is more serious, I thought. So, I got a pity party even without the guests knowing what kinda party I organized.
I went visiting yesterday, Uche and Seun, lol. Short intro: we are class mates and yes, I am reading again. M.Sc...hmmmmmnnn anyway that's for another time. But lemme just tell you that I ate eba, draw soup and goat meat. They cooked goat meat! Lord knows how long I ate that last. Well these people, abi my friends sha introduced me to this tech guru... And I am falling too soon for this bobo already (hopefully he won't read this). He plays the piano too. I sang my voice dry before I remembered to tell him I own a blog. So, he checks out my Blog and he goes… this is not bad. You are the first of the Bloggers I have personally met who is this consistent. My mind goes ...blurp! blurp!...hehehe. We did a little retouching to the Blog which is obvious anyway. We checked sisiyemmie's Blog together. 'This Blog is very busy; something is always going on in here.' I pointed. 'Nothing is going on on my own Blog', I lamented some more. He refused to join the pity party. That was an instant turn on....clues for the guys...stuff like that, maybe weird, turn me on. Well he observed and finally said that sisiyemmie's postings are regular and every Blog post has a picture. I wasn't too satisfied ‘cos I thought....just those? And she is this successful. Well, let's even start from those first. The name of the tech guy is Micheal. I forgot to tell you because I just remembered too. I am that poor, don’t know how I survived Organic Chemistry in underG. So, Michael says I should keep on pushing. Dr. Chuks chatted me up at 12 midnight, I was still awake. Only God knows what he was doing up late too, weirdo. He also pushed me on.
I am back on my feet. I am back to Blogging again. I don't promise that I won't be discouraged some other time but I promise to keep on pushing.
Thank you for being there. Let’s start again this year.

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