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 Guest post: Emeka Ndububa
And my evening was ruined.

I shouldn't have watched that video. I shouldn't have...

So Maybe I should have just borrowed Kelechi's iron as I usually did and gone back to my room but I didn't cuz guys pack full the room and conversation was bubbling. 

If it was the Emeka of middle last year, He would have just 'hi'-ed the guys and left. But everybody (male and female) had complained that I was too withdrawn. Our C.L.O/CDS president had to speak to me privately about it. I didn't want to disclose that I don't share the same values (including their definition of 'fun') with most of my colleagues. The choice of seclusion has had its costs. I had locked myself away as usual, reading John Maxwell's '21 Irrefutable Laws of leadership' when I came upon a paragraph that struck me and I squealed with Joy. The next thing I heard was, "You sure say you no dey masturbate, this one wey every time you go dey lock yourself inside." and that was from a lady. Oh Lord...can I cope? 

Ok, back to the story, I now mingle with guys when necessary, chat in harmless conversations and this evening was just one of them. PHCN brought their meager ration of power supply and the guys all jumped up to iron their khakis before PHCN changed their mind, as a result I couldn't borrow Kelechi's iron and leave so I brought my khaki over to wait my turn and joined in the discussion. Then Big Ben pulled out his Techno S7 and passed over to Patrick who asked if he could get new videos. Pat went straight to a video that Ben wanted to show us last week - about some terrorist carnage. As I saw the terrorists point their rifles at some four women kneeling down, awaiting execution, I quickly darted my eyes away. Talking about violence is one thing, watching it is another thing...

"I don't need to watch this sort of violence, do I?" 

"Why shouldn't you?" argued 'my mind'. "Emeka, sometimes you try to reject the reality of evil because it doesn't happen to you?"

"I do...it just doesn't serve me any benefit watching this."

"Yes, like I said, because this isn't about you...you self..."

"Hey, Hold it! You will not call me selfish!"

"Then prove you are not by watching and feeling for others sad predicament."

Gavel bangs, my mind has argued and won against me in micro-seconds. This is what you get when you choose not to bully your mind. 'My mind' must have smiled with that 'big bad wolf' evil grin.

So I succumbed to the verdict and darted my eyes back to the video. The man who supposedly looked like the leader was ranting away in Arabic. Possibly saying some ritualistic prayers with a knife around one of the women's throat. I gave a little smirk despite myself. "This is silly. About ten guys pointing guns at these seemingly molested women. Why do these people point guns in their videos? We all know they will use their end up using knives instead."

Ok, the Arabic chanting had ended. The ringleader with other men push the four ladies to the ground. This was the last chance to look away and silence my mind with a duct tape. But no I didn't and...

To be continued...

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