You can have fun and still be Christian

by - Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I need to tell the tale of how I came about this eight-page pamphlet I got a month ago. There is a Professor Obaleye in my department. Obaleye is what we call him, amongst ourselves of course. The only time we give him the honour of a professor is when we are speaking with another lecturer, his colleague. Well, he asked us to get a copy of a handout at a photocopy store. I got there and asked of Obaleye’s material. Startled eyes stared back at me. The photocopy woman looked at me like...this geh must be very manner less with no respect...calling Professor Obaleye, Obaleye. She challenged me out of inability to stomach the insult I guess. She must be a friend of Obaleye, Professor Obaleye. I apologized and then told her that I didn’t mean to disrespect him. But come to think of it, this man is a professor and everybody knows that, so what exactly is wrong with some Nigerians. Even Obaleye doesn’t sound like one who places emphasis on status. People’s business o, I don’t get. Calling him professor makes him distant to us; we would rather give him a nickname to bring him closer in our chats than call him Professor. While she was photocopying the material, I caught a glimpse of a stack of Rekindle-A Teens Bulletin just by the machine and I asked if I could read. She said I could even take a copy. This one really needs it, she must have thought. All these spoilt, disrespectful girls who need the Word of God and Holy Spirit Cleansing. She would be prouder if she knew I have a blog and I am sharing this on that blog. So, below is an excerpt of the November 2014 issue:

‘10 Things Every Young Christian Should Realize.

4. You can still have fun
What really is the definition of fun? Well from popular music and media you’d believe it was casual sex with whomever you wanted, drinking, getting high and pretty much doing whatever the heck you feel like doing and who the heck cares what anyone thinks about it. Welcome to my old and empty life. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun even to this day. But since I became a follower of Christ my definition of fun changed dramatically. Why? Not because I ‘have to’ (even though I am called to). But because I learned a couple of things:
i. All these emotional highs eventually come down and you are back at the same emptiness you felt before you started. You long for something to fill you but it just doesn’t hold. You end up living from high to high and your happiness becomes dependent on pleasure, moments and substance. Sin is a deceptive thing that will always take back what it gives you.
ii. When I developed a love relationship with Christ my desires changed. I began to desire to becoming full time vessel for the purposes of His glory and furthering the Kingdom. Everything else is simply a distraction from this God given purpose. I don’t enjoy my life based on what I do or what I gain but because I enjoy the gift of life itself. And when your joy comes from Christ nothing can dictate or remove that. I enjoy the richness of my relationships with my friends whether we do everything or nothing. Some things I like to do are: road trips and exploring new places , skating, movie nights, eating out and laughing till 1am, arcades, amusement parks, street evangelism(an adventure in itself), concerts…the list goes on.’

There you have it, a proper Christian’s definition of fun.

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