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Previously on 'NAKED EVIL'
A ruined evening...

Emeka stands in Kelechi's room with his khaki waiting to Iron.

Emeka watches Big Ben pass his Android phone to Pat who goes straight to the Terrorists video.

Talking about violence is one thing, Watching it is another...

Emeka goes into argument with 'his mind'

"I don't have to watch this...do I?"

"Yes...because this isn't about you, you self.."

"...Hold it! You will not call me selfish!"

"Then prove it by watching..." *evil smile*

*Arabic drama/thriller soundtrack plays*

            *           *            *

So I did not look away and what I saw was bloodcurdling, The ring leader uses his knife on his target's throat. Ok, I thought that was just it, but one of them picked up an axe and swinged on another woman's head.

"Jesus!" I squeaked. 

Another swing, and another and another... 

I looked away, I couldn't bear it. My face contorted in shock and horror. I was once a 'Horror movie Head' but this is very different from acting. I stole side glances at Ben and Pat...these guys didn't look disturbed at all. Ok, I could understand Ben who has probably seen the video a couple of times and must have grown a tougher hide but not Patrick, this is the first time he was seeing this. How can he not be disturbed? 

Next Victim; chop, chop, chop, neck bone cracking...

I still looked on at these two, Pat giggled and paused the video to say, "Omo, this guy wey carry axe dey hurry o."

"What in the world?! Someone was laughing at this kind of stuff?" I looked at Kelechi still ironing, one statement he made came back to memory, "There is an evil in every man..." I stared back at the two men beside me, I started having nasty thoughts, 

"For these guys to be corpers, they must have graduated from Higher institutions. And it's no mystery that most higher institutions in the country had cultists...Could these two be used to this kind of stuff because they were..." Naah! I hope not.

When I darted my eyes back to large android screen, all heads were off their owners' bodies but the horror film did not end there, Mr axe guy was now hacking away at their limbs! And other guys were piling the pieces in a heap. Vomit gathered in my throat, that was it. I had reached my limit. I struggled to get up, the insides of my belly were messed up like I had been hit by Naruto's rasengan. I had to force down a loaf of bread to gain some strength even though I had this fear of vomiting it right out again. I left the house and took a walk to my school. Thinking how God could allow such evil against helpless ones. The 'Aluu Holocaust' crept in my mind. Aargh. Which Nigerian student then didnt see that bloody video clip? I thought and thought and pieces of my 'Philosophy of religion - God and evil' class came back to me. Boko Haram, Suicide bombing etc. I almost didn't get my self for the rest of that evening. 

The answer to my questions came two days later in a devotion I had with the NCCF (Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship). Isaiah 55:8-9.

 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."
Even if I had the brains of Einstein or that of Darwin, I could never come with a theory to explain God's actions. No matter what Atheists may say, God is Love, Pure and Almighty still.

Something Gospel rapper, LeCrae hinted in his song 'Truth' came to mind; "Where does God starts his judgment from, the 'thinking' level, the 'lying' level or the 'murder' level. If God starts his judgement from the 'thinking' level, we should all be doomed." All EVIL hiding in the crevices of our minds stripped NAKED before the Omniscient God. Meaning if there was no more murder in the world and we all killed each other in our thoughts...we all still gonna go to hell. Now that's Pure Evil. No shameless action more evil than our secret thoughts.

But I thank God for The cross, the blood, the Holy spirit and the renewing of mind. I somehow still see His Love in this fallen world.

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