A Note to the Scared Newbie

by - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nobody had it all at first; they started from somewhere. There's always a story. I am not proud of some of the articles I wrote in times past. I read them and shake my head. That was my starting point. If I didn't start from there, there is no way I'd be here and definitely no way I'll be where I'll be in some years to come. You are going to fall and fail; critics (the negative ones) will come on scene. You will never be big enough to pay their dues so do not keep trying. There are sometimes you will be discouraged, I can assure you of that but we both know that it is not necessarily how many times you fell but how many times you stood up and dusted off the dirt. Apply for that job, treat your first patient, make your first sale, open that Blog, present your first public speech and eat your first shawarma. I dare you to begin now.

How are you doing this Wednesday? Anything you wanna gist me about? Well, I had a pleasant day. I drank two bottles of coca cola today. I don't pity myself at all.

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