Physical, Touch Boundaries

by - Saturday, March 21, 2015

Beware; this article is more on the feminine side.

I have seen some girls jump at guys and allow groping without restriction. If you fall in this category of loose ladies, I will need you to pass on this one article. I know with a healthy amount of certainty that some men will find this article not resonating with them. I will also need you to move on ahead to the next Blog because this piece, this one you are about to read now is not meant for you, check back some other time. Thanks.

Have you ever felt like somebody is breathing down your neck? Yes, I have felt that before. I have also felt like somebody is standing just too close to me so much that another person from afar may presume that we are groping or grinding against each other. What about an inappropriate touch- especially from the opposite sex? For crying out loud, he is almost touching your bum. Is this also all in a bid to say hello? And this dude is asking if you are scared of him? You should really be scared of him if you ain't just yet. 'I am not going to eat you up'. I have heard this line countless times. For the umpteenth time, a dude asked me why I was unsettled. I wanted to tell him that his assumption was correct. I wanted to tell him that his physical presence was very disturbing. I wanted to tell him that I feel very uncomfortable talking to someone of his indecent caliber. But then I remembered that my temper could get in the way if I opened my mouth to spit out the first string of words I had been meaning to tell him all the while.

Physical, touch boundaries vary from person to person. Some ladies don't mind if you palpate, massage and squeeze their boobs. So, giving them a gentle rub on their backs could pass for a 'good morning'. When somebody is holding your hands for too long and you are not comfortable with it, gently tell him/her or give them the 'it's time to let go of my hand' look. It doesn't have to be harsh, it just has to effectively pass the message. Some people are just used to touching other people, what they are not used to is where the boundary line should be.
[You need to respect people and stay on the safer side. So, set a very high limit for other people. Give them a considerable distance.]

Tell him if he is pretending not to see that you are uncomfortable. Don't afford men the luxury of enjoying the softness of your flesh without paying for it. This is part of the bride price privilege *winks*. So, babe, your body and the circumferential boundary space around it are sacred, treat is as gold.

Because I know for certain that some of the dudes have gone ahead to read this, I want to ask those of you who are guilty of this to please stop. It compromises your integrity. Stop looking for shortcuts. If you desperately need a girl to touch, get married, else look for a whore. 

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