Obsessive- Christianity Disorder

by - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Happy New Month to you. I wish you all its goodness and I pray that your expectations won’t be cut short. Please, don’t be fooled today; don’t fool anybody too. *laughing* Thank you for staying with me. I apologize once again for the break, it was sincerely unavoidable. Yes! Today, I will be pasting an excerpt from a book that I am currently obsessed with. It’s Andrew Farley’s The Naked Gospel. Yeah, it’s titled- The Naked Gospel.

Fair Warning
We find too much fluff, double-talk, misleading jargon, and pat answers in many churches today. No matter how much you hear it or how much it entertains you, it won't bring genuine and enduring fulfillment. There's only one message that I've found to bring real and lasting change. It's the naked gospel.
...and for me, there was as much unlearning as learning.
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 Don't be satisfied. Don't be stagnant. Never rest. There's always more to do for God.
Fear. Guilt. Pressure. These were the motivators that hooked me early on and nearly killed me. Killed me? Yeah, I had close encounters with death or serious injury a few times. I took a two-by-four to the head once in a dangerous neighbourhood while street evangelizing. Another time, I was thrown to the pavement by a drug dealer whom I was trying to convert.
Committed? You bet. But committed to what? Although I'd stand up on the subway and preach to the entire train car, I was still empty inside. Despite my willingness to go door-to-door witnessing in my own neighbourhood, I really had no life of fulfillment to offer. Whether I was preaching on a train, in neighbourhoods, or even in the local jail, there was always an underlying anxiety. 

I grew up with a flavour of the gospel that assured me I was going to heaven, but that didn't help with the present turmoil. I was afraid God was so thoroughly disappointed with my performance that he wouldn't use me, grow me, or 'have fellowship' with me. Voices around me only confirmed that I was falling short and needed to strive yet again to meet the standard.

You wouldn't have known any of this bothered me, because I never let it show. But after four years of not being considered for the Christian Character Award at school, it got to me. The key to winning that award was to be quiet or even shy. Those who didn't say much at all were labeled 'meek'. The problem for me was that my personality didn't fit the requirements. I had a personal relationship with Christ. I knew my Bible better than many. And I really cared about my friends at school. But I was the class clown and the life of the party. Humour and Christian character just didn't mix."

I NEED YOU TO READ THIS BOOK. Andrew Farley hit the nail right on the head. You may be struggling with a lot of Christianity disorders right now. I was once in your shoes, seriously. I would really love to help. So, you can contact me via my email address for a copy of the e-book if getting the hard copy is difficult. Remember that I love you, it’s no joke at all.

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