Style 101: Exaggerate Fitting

by - Monday, April 27, 2015

I am going to say some hard to swallow things this morning. So, if you get annoyed very easily, you may want to leave this zone right away. I never get angry if you don't like my opinions. Forcing yourself to like them and thereby insulting me to get through your mental reform is what will get me angry. I have told you now o, ehn ehn.

This article is mainly addressed to those 'holier-than-thou' sisters who think that purchasing an outfit that is a size bigger will help them to get to heaven. I don't exactly know if that is the reason but I guess so. When we say that a cloth fits, it means that it is balanced on your body. It conforms well to your shape and size. It also means that it accentuates your body positively. A fitted apparel is neither too tight nor too loose. There are definitely some styles that aren't made to trace out your silhouette. Examples are dress shirts, maternity gowns, baggy trousers, trapeze dresses, midi skirts, maxi gowns and skirts, dashiki tops, female agbadas, chiffon tops, oversized Tees and the likes but we all know that a midi skirt that does not sit properly at your waist is not your size because for each of these type of outfits, there are defining points.
I choose to leave the girls who wear tight clothes out of this for now. Like I said earlier on, tight clothes are not also properly fitted on your body. The reason why I am on those girls who do 'oversize' is because their own mentality is very difficult to upgrade. Except for out-of-hand cases, the immorally dressed girl if brought to reason will see it as sensible if you tell her that her extremely tight outfit isn't her size.
When you purchase your suits and blazers, make sure that the shoulder pads if there are any sits well on your shoulders. Yeah, there are still wardrobe pieces with shoulder pads if you don't know. Ahahahahahahahaaaaa... get into their midst, you weeeeeeee see it mhen. I emphasize on style a lot, so if wearing shoulder pads, pleated skirts is your style, rock it and own it. My point is that you know what works well for you and let it fit properly on your body. Sometimes I think it nonchalance, other times I assume that it is intentional when I see the SU lady on a peplum top with a waist band and the band is very loose. If you must wear a peplum top, disgrace it not! Don't let people who haven't rocked it see your own version and run away.

If your tailor is the culprit, change him or her. It is your money and your material. Yes, I said so. If a tailor is the SU who will add extra inches to your hips thereby making it look as if you are in a sac, employ another tailor who knows what she is doing. Most of them call themselves fashion designers. A fashion designer even though satisfies her clients, will advise her petite SU client not to go for three-quarter pencil skirts.

Fine geh, you are too beautiful to be afraid of wearing what flatters your body. Exaggerate fitting!

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