Do not be emotionally entangled

by - Friday, May 15, 2015

Sad and emotional woman

"Be no less careful concerning what you release out of your heart. Don't indulge in flirtations or superficial relationships with the opposite sex. It may seem exciting to stir someone's emotions and allow your own to be stirred, but one day you may discover that your emotions have gotten out of your control. Like the sorcerer's apprentice, who discovered the formula to release the water in a flood but did not know the formula to recall it, you may discover you have released emotions you are not able to recall.

The result is an emotional entanglement with a person who is in no way suited to be your mate. Here is a safe rule to follow. First, discover the mate God has chosen for you. Then, release your emotions toward that person. In this way, you will not need to recall the flood"
Excerpt from God is a Matchmaker by Derek and Ruth Prince.

My notes: the way of the world is just so different from the way of the Lord. Ever wondered why you just didn't feel comfortable with a man excessively complimenting you and spewing out suggestive lines? It is because the Holy Spirit inside of you recognizes it as foreign.

It is perfectly normal to the unbeliever. It is not because you are 'old-school' or not exposed, it is just because you are Christian and a Christian will never resonate on the same frequency with the world. A Christian does not walk into situations that will get them emotionally entangled knowingly. Yes, there are mistakes but then, they are mistakes. 

You are never going to please the world. Your sexuality and your sexual constraints are forever going to be abnormal to 'them'. They will ask you why you never deliberately engage in sexual fantasies even if you cannot engage in the real act. The world will wonder why you are just so different. Truth is that you are DIFFERENT. DARE TO BE CHRISTIAN, EVEN SEXUALLY.

How are you doing today? School? Work? The kids? I would really love it if you could get a copy of this book and read. Send me an e-mail as usual, I could send you the e-version. Have a fabulous weekend. Love ya. Xoxo.

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