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Sheila stomped out of the bedroom, groping her way in the dark; she headed straight to the kitchen. How could she not know when to ask Michael to stop? Now, they lost it.

‘Should I just ask him to go sleep at Chibuzo’s?’ she asked herself. ‘This is past eleven; Chibuzo should be deeply asleep by now’. He had to stay up late for two nights consecutively to cover shifts for her. Waking him up to accommodate Michael would be brutally unfair.

Her pinky toe brushed the sharp protruding edge of the fridge.

‘Ouch!’ she whimpered.

She furiously kicked the pale green drum she bought a few days ago. Not only electric power was meagerly rotated, water too was scarce. The compound generator decided to pack up, water has therefore become gold. Traffic was killing. 'Lagos is a nightmare', she whined to Biola, a colleague.

She had complained to Michael about how devastating living in her place could be for a practicing nurse like her. Michael had asked her to move in with him.

‘What!’ she exclaimed. ‘Is that the best you can do to help? I can’t even believe that you would suggest a thing like that, Michael’.

‘What about it, Sheila? What about it? I am only trying to help.’

‘Oh c’mon, you preach against it at Sunday school’

‘Because that is the right thing to say’

‘I can’t believe my ears, what in the world?’

This was going to get out of hand; she knew it. The last time they had an heated argument; Michael didn’t talk to her for the rest of the day. It was like the whole world was crashing in on her. She would not be the first to apologize. Michael eventually did and she gladly rendered her own apology, she had been waiting.

‘I love you, Michael’, she chuckled as he shoved the chocolate cake in her mouth. She loved chocolate cakes.

She put on the kitchen lamp and leaned on the cabinet. She was in a dilemma. She wished she could close her eyes right there and open it to see the rays of a new morning. How slowly time moves in moments like these. After what seemed like twenty minutes, she stood up from the kitchen floor to walk back to the room. She didn’t even know when she had sat on the floor. She promised herself to do some cleaning just that morning. Mr. Shaibu, their neighbor had begged her to help his daughter with her homework. Grace was never on time with her school work. Mrs Shaibu's passing on was devastating.


‘Michael, I don’t like what happened at all’, she started. ‘In fact, I feel so bad right now. Look, we should scale through till morning and I swear to God that we will never have to …’

‘Fiiiiiine!’ he interjected.

‘Don’t you even feel remorseful?’ she was disappointed.

‘Sheila, we kissed and I fondled your breasts. That was all and I am sorry’

‘Really?’, how could he be so cool about it?

‘You make it seem like we had sex’, he folded the pillow into two and turned his back on her.

‘Now, you want to sleep on me?’ her voice was a little too loud.

‘Okay, what do you propose we do? Stare at each other’s faces till morning?

‘You are so mean!’ she blurted.

‘Oh, now I am mean. Is that even a word?’
he was beginning to raise his voice. ‘You who could not even ask about the contract we prayed about for weeks!’ he was shouting now.

How could she forget? How could….Oh nooooo.

‘How has that got to do with what we are talking about now?’ she quickly recovered.

‘Lady, tell me where you want me to sleep and let’s close shop. I am so tired’

She felt so weak. How could Michael bring this up now that she feels so guilty? He doesn’t even have an iota of remorse in him.

He stood up from the bed and dashed into the living room.

‘God’, she murmured. It was a minute after twelve already. She sat on the edge of the bed. Her eyes were moist. She just couldn’t bring herself to contain what was happening. She loved Michael. Michael loved her too, she was certain. How could we have totally different values as regards sexual chastity? Michael handled Sunday School, no one would believe his personal stand. Now, she had some ‘sorry’ to say. She hated to be put in positions like these.


‘I am sorry, Michael’, she said. She was already leaning beside him against the soft sofa in the living room.

‘It’s alright, Sheila. Let’s get some sleep, please. I am exhausted already’, his full figure was stretched across the black leather settee with his back turned on her. He lavishly furnished the house for her. ‘I want you to be as comfortable as you want to be’, he had told her.

Sheila silently stared at him for a while. His hair was too black. She was proud to have the typical example of tall, dark and handsome.

‘I am sincerely sorry’, she whispered softly into his ears. ‘I totally forgot, totally. You know that I care. It just slipped away from my memory’.

‘I already told you not to beat yourself up about it', it’s okay, really’.

She paused for a while before attempting to touch his masculine shoulders. Her left palm met his face. He turned to face her.

‘It’s okay. I am serious about that’, he was smiling fondly at her now. ‘We should go back to sleep, Sheila.’ Her eyes met his. His right hand was on her chin.

‘You won’t tell me how the contract went?’ They were just a breath away.

‘Sheila’. It was more of a moan than an actual sound.

‘Please’. Her voice trailed

His hand had left her chin. She was already on the sofa with him. Sitting uprightly was too far so she leaned and there she was. At his face.

‘Okay. You know, you always have your ways, uhn’

‘Just tell me’

‘It didn’t come through, Sheila. Too much of politics.

‘Awwww, why did it take you too long to tell me?’

‘You didn’t ask, baby’

Now, she was completely weak. Michael moved. He needed to change position. His neck was hurting from too much strain. He was sitting straight now. She moved with him to find herself cuddled against him.

‘He needs comfort’, she thought. ‘We could just cuddle till daybreak’. It was half past twelve already.

‘I am sorry, sweetheart’

‘Sheila, life happens. We prayed. I guess I should be on to something else. It’s just…’

It was a soft kiss on his lips. Sheila had cut him.

‘Hey, babe, you know how you feel after this. Hey, hey.’

‘Nooo…’ her vocal cords were weak. ‘I just…’

By now she was grinding against him, her right leg folded seductively on his laps. Michael fought so hard. How quickly? His hormones were just too fierce with Sheila. She was already restless. She wouldn’t stop moving all over him.


He was already on her on the sofa.

The session ended. He was smart enough to pull out before spilling.

It wasn’t the only time. He came over a couple of nights more.

To be continued...

Esther Adeniyi

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