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by - Saturday, May 09, 2015

I still don't know what this girl's offence is. Honestly.
Good day sweeties. Awayu doing today? How was the week? Me, I am stressed gan ni. Lawd! My week was a very busy one, I tell you. Well, this is weekend now and I hope that it isn't going to be like my week 'cos I had to attend a lecture this morning. Imagine! In fact, what made the week really stressful was that I had to wait up for lecturers to show up. Almost all my lecturers didn't come this week. I hate all the 'no show' business of my department. I am watching them with my binoculars because soon they will want to start doing that their jama jama rush.

Okay, straight to business now. *rubs palms together and clears throat * Nobody wowo; o to (the truth); nobody wowo. Well, I do not dispute the fact that some people (even though very rare) have unappealing facial looks or body structures but the point I am trying to make here is that...okay wait....let me modify my entry statement: nobody wowo pass remedy. Yeah, that's it, that's exactly what I am trying to say. Nobody is ugly beyond solution.

By packaging, I don't mean the excessive display of rainbow colours on the face of a damsel; I mean branding. Yes, we are gradually getting there. Brand yourself. This packaging we are talking about has very little to do with your financial capacity.  In fact, you may be financially buoyant and still be wowo. You think say na lie? I am a wardrobe stylist. I come across wealthy girls who can't even put together something nice. And I am thinking...this packaging of a thing is no function of money at all at all.
If you have just three shirts, one pair of trousers and just one pair of shoes, you could pull off great looks; mix and match; look neat; adopt a good walking posture and walk around confidently like you own Lagos state.

You see, the way you portray yourself is the way people will see and relate with you. I was watching Annie(2014) last night and Mr Stacks, a major character in the movie was answering Annie's question. He said that you should know how to play your cards well and if you don't have any cards, you bluff. This is how I intend to bluff-non-verbally. Oh yeah, you get the point? If I don't own Lagos, I can package myself like someone who has just bought Las Vegas. Yeah, right. Remember that I said earlier on that it isn't about money. It is about wisdom. A wise person knows how to make things work for him. All he has to do is to acquire bits of knowledge here and there and he's done.

This is what you help people to understand
 when you brand yourself

How do you dress to work? How do you walk? How do you comport yourself? How do you talk? If you have a bad accent, chances are that you will put people off. I am not asking you to be unreal, I am asking you to work on yourself. I am encouraging you to brand yourself; to package yourself. People want to associate with success and good things. They don't want to know how the success is made or how authentic it is, they just want to be recognised with it. You too can be reckoned with. It largely depends on how you package yourself.

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