Define that 'thing'

by - Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Isn't it just sickening the way guys glue themselves to a lady with no proper definition of terms and purpose? She gets the drift, wisens up and unpacks the travelling bag meant for an emotional journey of a disastrous return. Oh ... and the guy plays victim. Did I hear you say that you just wanted to be friends with her? If I hear...If I just hear... Maybe at first but c’moooooon dude, it’s been six months and she still feels like she is on probation list.

Almighty heart snatcher, how does calling, texting, chatting, asking about what food she ate at every meal time interval define ‘just friendship’? Don't you dare frown your face at your phone screen like you don't know what I am talking about. Awwwwwww, you are displeased. She was always there to keep you company, good for you. She obviously loved to be around you, no doubt. She liked you to stupor; none of both of you disputes that. 'She is my best friend', seriously? Stupid thing is that she is as confused as you are, only that her confusion is an aftermath of your own confusion. Yeah, yeah. You neither want to commit nor let go. How is that the definition of an unconfused person?

Hear me out ladies, by all means define whatever you think you are doing with a guy who feels that he is doing you a favour or makes you assume the role of a witch who can just sense things that should have been properly communicated and verbally explained.

The other day I looked this friend of mine in the eye and told him that good women are scarce and so, if he is not focused and genuine, he might live long enough to see her tie the knot with another sensible man. You can't be undecided and expect to have her by your side forever. Some women are dumb though. So, if she stays with you till you are ready to wed the other girl, dump her and move on, it is entirely not your fault.

Women should make certain that that ‘thing’ is properly defined before letting their hearts out. Who says you are supposed to keep on mending a broken heart? Guard you heart with all jealousy. Don't walk around shaking your buttocks telling me that nobody can just predict things. That's a big lie and you know it. You knew right from time that Joe was getting unnecessarily close to you but you shoved the thought of putting up your guard because you enjoyed his company. He either knew what he was doing or was just plainly confused. You, on the other hand, were just careless.

O girl, define that 'thing' and abort that dangerous mission.

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