Entangled II

by - Saturday, June 06, 2015

The head nurse had spiced things up. It wasn’t the vintage, dull coloured rug anymore. Everywhere smelled of Lavender, Ambi Pur was just one magical aerosol. If filled the ward with freshness and pleasant aroma. At a conspicuous corner of the ward was a toy house. Colours conflicted. You could easily mistake the pediatric ward for a crèche.

‘It isn’t a bad idea’, Biola had whispered into her ear.

It all nauseated her this morning. Perhaps it was the bread, it was just too soft. Mummy K supplied her every Thursday. There and then she made a resolution to stop ingesting Bromate.

‘If it isn’t sliced, I won’t’, she decided.

‘Hey’, there was a light tap on her shoulder. She turned around too quickly, she was lost in thoughts.

Dr. Oluwo seemed not to notice. He was transferred from the hospital headquarters last month. Nurses giggled around him. Why tall men had such effect on girls baffled her.

‘Whoever made Dr. Oluwo think that only suits worked around in here is cruel’, Nurse Ruth had muttered rather disgustingly.

As quickly as immediately, Sheila followed Dr. Oluwo into the pediatric ward.

‘I need you to get on with this patient, please update records, Nurse Sheila’, he was too official too.

‘Noted, sir’, it sounded ‘sire’

What was wrong with her? Dr. Oluwo intimidated her. Who the heck did he think he was? He had asked her to meet him at the Bukateria last week Thursday during her break.

‘Excuse me?’ she asked, not for reiteration. She was puzzled.

Nurses walked around briskly, that nauseated her more. She just wasn’t herself this morning. She wished more desperately that Biola hadn’t traveled. Now, she would have to work through the day alone, lonely and…just sick. She wasn’t pregnant, she was double sure. A nurse isn’t caught unawares. Michael was becoming reckless.

‘You should get accustomed to using protection, we aren’t married’, she had once told him.

‘I know, next time’, he had said that after every ejaculation.

That didn’t stop him from forcing her to sit up straight after the deed and gulp a mixture of 7 up and salt down her throat.

‘You are so crude’, she pointed.

‘Call it anything’

‘I am a nurse’

He had shrugged.

Biola’s call came in just about the time she expected. She was already at her desk. What a privilege accorded Nurses. Expensive private hospitals are really expensive.

‘Hey, Sheila. I called to check up. You’re good?’

‘I miss you, B’ she sounded excited. She didn’t know who she would miss more if either of her or Michael left.


’How do you do it?’ Sheila asked.

‘What?’ Michael was pulling off his sweat stained shirt. The smell of his cologne mixed with sweat was heavenly.

‘How do you teach Sunday school with all these?’

‘All what?’ He acted impatient.

‘We both know what I mean’

‘Sheila we promised not to touch anymore. Stop being…'

‘Sometimes you drive me crazy’

He began to put on his shirt.

‘I should leave’

‘Yeah, you should’

She didn’t regret asking him to. They were fornicating. They were having sex like they were married. Who would believe that? How they managed to act normal in church still amazed her. Michael was good at it. His mouth never lacked all the spiritual words needed at the proper time. It wasn’t same for her. It was difficult. She felt useless. She had no testimony to give even the younger ones looking up to her.

‘Your neck’, Grace had pointed.

‘Oh, insect, an insect bit me’, she had lied.

Her hairdo was obviously failing at its job. She passionately disliked dropping hairstyles but she had hickeys. How else would she hide the shame? She felt defeated. This whole thing felt strange at first but now, they started and finished like it was normal.

So far, she had been doing a good job in hiding her sin from Biola. It was becoming overwhelming. She could not remember when last she single handedly carried her Bible to study. She had lost connection.

Her phone rang; it was Michael.

'We need to talk, Sheila, we have to'

'Okay', it sounded more like a question.

She was already calming down.


'Now', he was sounding like a sober child.

'Please', he added.

'It's alright'

He appeared at her door almost immediately after the call.

'Sheila, we are off track, I know. I feel guilty'

'You do?'

'Empty too'

She produced a hiss-like sound. It got him a little bit annoyed but he continued anyway. Sheila waited for him to pour out his mind. He stopped because he had finished.

Just as if she had been preparing to unleash the lion within her, she started rather aggressively. At a point, Michael could not even make something tangible of what she was saying.

There was a soft knock in quick succession on the door.

'Fuck the knocker!', she had blurted when he called her attention to it.

She cursed? He was too shocked to react properly.

The knocking stopped and she finally had the freedom to shout at him some more. As if there was a remote control somewhere around the room, she stopped, abruptly.

They could hear the clock tick in the awful quietness.

'I think we need a break. I am taking a break'

He knew too well what girls mean by 'break'.

So, they couldn't solve this without a break or...breaking up?

'It's alright, let's take all the time we need'.


An ambulance drove into their compound. Michael had left. She was all alone on the sofa, in deep thoughts.

She felt a nudge to go check what was up. It was Mr Shaibu! He had had a complication from asthma attack. His body was already withered somewhat. Grace was sobbing profusely on the stairway.

It was Grace, it was Grace who kept knocking on her door for help.Devastation kicked in quickly. She didn't know who to go meet first- Mr Shaibu on the hospital stretcher or his daughter. Where is this heard of? A nurse failed her health challenged neighbour.


She walked in briskly into her sitting room distraught and obviously disorganized.

Her phone rang but this time it was Mr Shaibu.

Story continues Next week Saturday. Stay glued fans...

Esther Adeniyi

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