Face your front!

by - Saturday, July 11, 2015

How are you pumpkins? How was your night? Hmmmmmmnnnnn...If you are married, please spare me the details, I will not do that again. I just want you to know that I care noni. I am not kidding o. Okay, if you want to test my love for you, send me your account numbers. Only those who live by faith will benefit from this offer.

Ehn eeeeeeehn, today! Yes, today. I want to talk about something. *Crosses leg on broken chair* It's about minding your business. It's a topic I have been longing to write about for long. A lot of people get into trouble because they won't face front. Some of us are too quick to give unsolicited opinions. Ah, that's even a lighter way to put it. Advice is what they say they are giving. Advice. We cannot forcefully impress our opinions on others. Wait till they ask you to share your views. If you are not asked to, be sure that there is enough familiarity for you to be the sage amongst 'fools'. If there is no familiarity whatsoever and your opinion is glaringly not welcome, please face your front.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeh, chair is completely broken. Sorry, I didn't intend to cause an alarm. *Sits on another chair* A broken chair is not enough to truncate my message. I will still talk. So, where did we stop? Unsolicited advice. Study your environment. Any nursery school boy knows when he is sticking his nose into something that is not his business. If aunty mini-skirt is not a person that is familiar to you, don't just walk up to her to say that her thighs are more beautiful than yours so she should do well to cover them next time. Learn to understand levels. If you are really concerned about anybody's appearance, be sure to get to a comfortable level with them where you can help them understand, otherwise face your front.

In fact:

You shouldn't be the Mr know-all in your office. 'I said it, she wears a waist trainer', e concern you? If you invested the busybodying time into something worthwhile you wouldn't have that much time to waste. Some times you need to shut up and mind your business. Why people like to stick their noses in other people's businesses still baffles me. In fact, if the matter doesn't make you more heaven-worthy, doesn't fatten your bank account or increase your 38% in PHY 152, why bother your head?


This is weekend; a chance to stay at home; breathe in fresh air and learn the art of facing front. Don't resume work or school on Monday with that aproko thing oh. At least, let them know that you learnt something from this Blog, shey you hear.

So, what's pumping this weekend?

Learning how to face front is a big project on its own so while the concerned are at it, what's your own plan? If you ask me...*inaudibly* na who I go ask? Well, if you ask me, I am going to be studying all weekend. Argrrrrrrrh.....I've got a test on Thursday; it's on Advanced Natural products. Wait! Before you start thinking that it is the simple study of fruits and vegetables and other natural products, let me tell you that it is on Terpenoids and Steroids. Ehn ehn, see you. Don't pity me jare, it's one of those things.

So, my friends, remember that:

 I want to wish you a very happy weekend. Enjoy it sweeties and face your front.

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