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by - Friday, July 10, 2015

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Good day people. How are you? That's all the pleasantry I can afford. Why? I am angry. No, not at you, my readers except you are one of the lazy corps members I am about to address today. Before I continue, some people are fond of saying that if you are not a saint, you should not judge or point fingers because nobody is perfect.
Let me tell you something , if nobody talks about the wrong things that happen and steps they think can be taken to correct them, we will all have to bear the shame of guilt that will eventually come down on us. I am making it clear to you that I am not devoid of any wrong doing but it will not stop me from telling you, yes, you, our indolent, slothful and bone-idle Corper that you are a disaster. And because of you and the remnants of the irresponsible corps members in the community, Nigeria is in trouble.

'Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria's ours
Nigeria we serve'

See your mouth. That was the anthem you sang everyday for three weeks on camp, yet we hear that you only show up at your place of primary assignment once in a week. Nothing, even the words in this anthem moves you. What is wrong with the youths of nowadays? What do we think we are doing? On resumption to camp, the statements you hear are, 'I can't come and die o', 'which PPA is okay here', 'dem dey pay for there', 'five years no be beans, I wan come rest for service year ni o'.

Hear yourself. Service year and rest in the same sentence. I have never heard, if there is, of an overworked corps member. A percentage as high as 80% (stat is mine) is assigned to schools. What's very difficult in teaching? 'I don't know how to teach' isn't quite the issue, your attitude is. After much stress inflicted on a too lenient principal by a retarded corps member, he decided to put her in the bursary section. 'I didn't learn business in school' was her very annoying response. What on earth! A Biochemistry graduate like you has refused to teach the students Chemistry; you won't also assist the bursar is the bursary department. What exactly do you think you came to do? Sleep, eat, wake up and paint your condemned, goddam nails?

See your sisters

CDS (Community Development Service ) isn't as stressful as it used to be during the time of our parents. Attending meetings is all some of the members of a CDS group need to do. We hear that they won't attend and still get the Corper's stipend at the end of the month. How they go about that is not up to me to expose right here on my blog but I must say that Nigeria is not lucky to have some people 'serve' her.

A lot of corps members are stiff-necked set of idle bananas and so asking them to ponder on this, change their orientation and mindset to service may be futile but if you are soon-to-become a Nigerian corps member, please be reminded that you cannot point accusing fingers at the country leaders or anybody at the helm of affairs anywhere if you are just as figurehead as they are. Serve. Most of the things required of you to do aren't as herculean as you paint it to look. More of your service is directly offered to people in your immediate environment-students, illiterate adults, sick community members and so on; don't deny them.

So, serve Nigeria the best way you can. You won't die. By the way, stop wearing Christmas and Barbie doll shoes to CDS meetings, you are a disgrace.

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