Personal rules: why have them?

by - Friday, July 17, 2015

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Fabulous morning to you. How did the night go? I hope you enjoyed the weather. I am a weather person, don't mind me. It was cloudy yesterday and I kept hoping and praying that it would rain. Lawd!
Have you ever felt like someone somewhere is asking God to do the opposite of what you are asking him to do? I felt that way yesterday because I saw no sensible reason why the pregnant clouds couldn't deliver the rain. Argrrrrrrrh...Anyway, I am still sitting on the hope stool. Join me in prayers please. What are friends for?

Personal Rules
You know, *sits up on the bed* having a rule or two is nothing like being a saddist or just another random difficult person. I often meet people with personal rules, crazy ones anyway and my former self used to resent their perspectives until I realized that I had them myself. I just never admitted that they were rules and that they were...personal. More like what I just wouldn't condone or wouldn't do or do; philosophies.

These, these personal rules, aren't anything like Bro code. (Michael Ikechi, I hope you are here). Naaaaaah. These ones are rules you have even if there wasn't anything like...eeehm... *looks around with finger nail in mouth* Ah table manners. Some of these rules are a definition of who you are. It's an extension of your personality. Most of the time, they are not deliberately laid down or penciled down intentionally. These rules are just boundaries you have subconsciously set and principles you live by.

Just like:

the physical boundaries  you set

For example, I don't care who you are or how rich your father is but if you stand me up on a first date, you can never get another one with me. It isn't just one crazy rule I set, it is just an extension of my person. Everybody has a list of what they can take or can't, what they can condone or just can't help condoning, they only don't write them down on paper.

Guess what? They are worth it. Yes, I mean, having personal rules or if you want to call it, principles, they are worth it. Totally. Now, I am of the opinion that if you are that phleg who doesn't 'take like difficult' and isn't really concerned about how people treat him, relate with him or just about any interpersonal boundaries you should consider making up rules for yourself. Nothing like rocket science; you just be deliberate about your likes and dislikes because:

People will take you seriously

Oh, it's not like nobody took you seriously but hey, having your personal rules in dealing with people assures you yourself that you are taken seriously. People treat you the way you would like to be treated. It isn't something calculative, it's just a spontaneous response to what you let them know or think or assume you can take. Humans are spoilt people who don't mind shoving the cake in your mouth, forget that you are the CEO. So, you should have personal rules if reading this post is a reminder that you have none at all. Yucks! I am totally taken aback as to why you still wonder why that dude smacks you on the buttocks. Oh, don't bother, you say. It doesn't matter, you shrug. It's just his way. Oooooooooof? If I may ask. Yeah, of saying good morning. Seriously?

You will be able to streamline priorities

You will not be up and about everywhere. There is an uncontrollable desire to please everyone if you are like me. Until I sat down to take mental notes of my personal rules and things I just realized were my principles, I wanted to please everybody. Jack! Exhausting , right? You can say that again and again. Some things are not just supposed to be in your life. They are a total waste of time and energy. I mean, no matter how hard you try, you can't get me out to a night party-birthday, get-together, school dinner etc. Now, it isn't made-up prioritizing, it's like I said, an extension of myself. So, you've got no option than to tuck me in bed if that is the second option in the two option list.

Well, here you have it. Personal rules. You have any?

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