The foam bra: an illusion or a necessary option

by - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heeeeeeeeeey my personal people. It's another lovely Wednesday on my personal blog. I am as excited as you are-I hope you are tho'. How are you doing? Me, I was vexed with my friend this morning. I was in the bathroom counting I mean the water was cold. Very cold. I couldn't bear the thought of it touching my skin. And then my friend opened the door and poured it on my body. Hash! It took seconds to recover from the shock.
Don't worry about fighting for me, I have done the needful. Please, don't ask me what I did to her in return. It was horrible.

Today! Today today, I am writing on something these men are angry about. Now, they say they don't trust us anymore. Biko, why? They say we fake our bomboms, fake our faces, fake our hair, our boobs, hips and even our eye lashes.

I spoke to some guys about this. Of all the reactions I got, this dude's own stands out. I quote him:

"I don't like it when a girl has to put on a foam bra to make her cloth fit or what have you. Esther, you yourself know that the percentage of girls that put on foam bras for fitting is very low. A larger proportion put it on because of reasons other than for cloth fitting e.g low self esteem. They know that some men like women with big boobs and because they are usually after a friend of hers because of her boobs, she goes on foam bras."

An illusion

An illusion is to deceive you. It is to make you think that all is normal and perfect. In the fashion world, the foam bra is used to create the hour glass illusion.

A Necessary Option

It is also a necessary option for ladies with small boobs. Some clothes don't just fit and sit well on your body if your boobs are too small for it.

So, what do you think? An illusion? A necessary option?

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