5 reasons why you shouldn't own a blog

by - Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Hi there. How's the week moving? It's Tuesday and Tuesday is not close to Friday. That was just a reminder; I didn't intend to make you cry so stop crying. I wish you a swell time at work and school (as the case may be). Ahahahahahahahahahahahaaa...

Okay, listen, blogging is much more than hard work; it is more of passion. I get a lot of questions on blogging and how to start one. I can tell if someone isn't supposed to start writing a blog. Just yesterday, someone was referred to me by a friend and the first question he deemed fit to ask was how much I earn from blogging. Already? I told him that my financial returns are not yet worth the records. 'But your blog is not a new one', he looked at me questioningly. There and then I already got a precise job description. My job was not to push him into frustration; it was to help him see the big mistake he was about to walk into.

You should not own a Blog if:

You don't like writing

I don't care what you want to blog about, even a photography blogger has to write. You should like to write, else you will tire yourself too soon. You don't need to be a pro; all you need is to know how to string words together to express your thoughts. Literary blogs need something more serious and so taking writing classes might be an added advantage.

 Money is the driving force

I have read so many successful Bloggers to know that if money is your primary purpose of going into the world of blogging, you'll fail. It is that simple! You see, you should never go into anything for that matter with money as the driving force. Of course, you will make your money in the long run.

You are not patient

Oh! You will need patience, more patience and some more patience. Renowned Bloggers spent years of tireless, consistent blogging to get to where they currently are. Anybody who isn't patient can never go far anywhere, blogging is just one of them.

You don't have the time

For starters, you should not blog if you don't have the time. 12 hours a week is sufficient to compose articles, source for pictures, post, and promote blog posts if you want to do anything serious. If you don't have 12 hours (at least), you don't have time.

You are not creative

The blogging world changes very frequently. Today, something is king, tomorrow it is not. You have to be creative enough to accommodate these changes without causing major detrimental adjustments on your blog.

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