Introducing: Madeline Stuart

by - Monday, September 28, 2015's Monday. I can't believe it, a new working week already. Would you please lower your clenched fist? Ahahahahahahahahaaaa.....Why you sad? Uhn? Friday is around the corner. Okay, that was a joke! There's still Tueeeeeeeesday, Wed-nes-day, Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuursday and theeeeeeen Friday. Actually, that doesn't look like 'around the corner'. Look, dude, it's gonna be fine. Just make up your mind to have a swell week and there you go, you have it- a swell week.

Anybody view the super moon lunar eclipse? Na so so sleep I go sleep o; chai! Sleep too dey worry me eh.

*Rubs palms*
So, a friend and I got talking some days ago and he sent me a link. No, I was mesmerized. An 18 year old with Down syndrome is into modelling? Seriously? Okay, this isn't a joke. I began to search all over the internet and in fact, as we speak, I follow her on Instagram. Trust me naaaa, I nor dey dull.

Sometimes, my brain is so full that remembering stuff I learned years ago may become difficult but Down syndrome was not one. I remember the Chromosome 21 , I remember that the people with Down syndrome have such a stunted growth; that they can be mentally behind their peers and that their physical look is nothing to write home about. Well, I went on to Google to see if that hasn't changed. Oh, science? One time it's this, another time it's that so I would not have been surprised if it was no more called Down syndrome. But guess what? It was the exact way I pictured and remembered.

Now, this is the point where I ask what reason you give for failures. I mean, of all things, all occupations, Madeline chose modeling. She could have been a painter or or oooooooor a fashion designer for that matter but model? This is amazing. She is amazing.

Let me adjust my chair because you see, *frank face* we need to talk. Listen, your problem is not really the problem; your response to your problems is. For all I care, you can organize a pity party for yourself and go around wearing a long face but babe it just doesn't change anything. At all. Look around you for a moment; just look around you. A lot of people have real problems. I mean, big issues. Some are glaring, some aren't and you moping all around is not just a waste of time, it's a waste of tiiiiiiiiiiime. You should be motivated by people who pulled out of their problems. Some of them turned things around and that was because their problems aided them. Yes! It's ironical but it's true. Just some days ago, I read about a bikini model with no legs. Remember Nick Vujicic too? And there is a "vitiligo spokes-model", Winnie Harlow. What about Mariah Carey with voice nodules? Who would believe that a singer with such a wide vocal range has at one time learned how to sing over nodules. I guess you catch my drift already.

Do not let your present state pull you down. Your problems will pass with time but question is- what do you do with that time? We could all learn from 18- year old Madeline. I hope this blog entry has sparked up something inside of you. So, you know what you are gonna do now? End that pity party, I don't care how many people are in attendance; wipe up your tears, stop moping around and be encouraged.

Have a fabulous working week. Love y'all.

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  1. God save the Queen... Me'thinks now I'm actually gonna be the PRESIDENT someday too... bless you dear Madeline, I've seen the light.....

  2. Buahahahahahahahaaaa... What a motivation Madeline has afforded. I see what you see.