Lifestyle Blogging: 5 Ways to 'Unfreeze'

by - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Bloggers, like writers have moments when they have no idea of what to write about. Lifestyle blogging isn't any easier. Running out of blog titles is enough to kill your blogging joy. If this continues for too long, you begin to fret and become uneasy because there is an Internet image to protect. Here are five ways to 'unfreeze' the block:

Take a walk

Get out and look for inspiration. We find different people on the streets daily. Situations ordinary people will pay no attention to can help you get ideas for your blog. You can decide to go to a nearby superstore or your favorite hair stylist and watch people move around and interact with each other.

Watch a movie

Movies have a way of inspiring us. Anything from Jane's toy house to Mr John's company model can ignite a spark. Read movie reviews online, ask a friend to recommend a good movie to you. I remember how much title ideas I got from Frozen (2013). Search for similar movies.

Read other blogs in your niche

Check out what other bloggers are writing. Get ideas from their titles. Read comments on their blogs. Look at their archives. You are not intending to copy and paste their blog entries. I hope you don't have that in mind already. Okay, so check them out for inspiration.

Read your past blog entries

Comments from blog readers in previous titles can inspire you to write sequel(s) to the posts. Questions can be answered in a full blog post. You will be surprised at how much titles you can come up with from going into your archive. There are times I remember that I wanted to write on some issue after going through my past articles.

 Speak to another blogger

Connect. Connect with people. You never know how much of ideas another blogger has until you interact. They may not have the time or strength to put them into writing and so giving you these title ideas won't hurt.

I hope these tips help you. Let me hear from you. If you blog, what other ways do you source for blog titles?

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